[FFML] Magical Girl Wars, chapter 1

Andrew Dynon adynon at internode.on.net
Mon Jun 23 05:03:39 PDT 2008

Alex Tomas wrote:
> Well, you can always have her in a support role, being in the background
> like Ami, while the others mix it up with Sakura's guardians, well, guarding
> her.  Some of her cards are very powerful, like the time, sword, fight,
> power and shield cards, and if used judiciously, may tip the balance of a
> battle.  She'll probably need dome training to enhance her reflexes of
> calling her cards though.  Maybe she can have them all floating around her
> so she doesn't have to pull them out.
I was more referring to the tone of the show as opposed to Sakura 
herself.  I do have some story ideas, but I'd have to get the DVDs off 
my friend to check some stuff first.

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