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Mon Jun 23 05:01:37 PDT 2008

> I always thought Cutey Honey was.  1972 was when the first Cutey Honey show 
> came out.
Personally, I consider Cutey Honey a superhero rather than a magical 
girl (But let's not get into definition arguments here.  And yeah, I 
know most of the characters I'm using here can be considered superheroes.)
> If you are going with Cutey Honey Flash where Cutey Honey and Misty Honey 
> combine into Ultimate Honey, that would be interesting.
Only seen four episodes of Flash, and that was quite a while ago.
>> Magic Knight Rayearth – this is one of my favourite shows of all time,
>> and Hikaru is one of my all-time favourite anime characters. Umi and
>> Fuu, of course, are going to show up soon as well… perhaps some other
>> Rayearth characters will also appear later on. Of course, some fans
>> argue that Rayearth is technically shoujo fantasy, rather than a magical
>> girl show, but hey, close enough. And I’ll be including at least one
>> other series that it’s arguable isn’t technically a magical girl show
>> either.
> Cutey Honey, but which one.
> Cutey Honey/New Cutey Honey
> Cutey Honey Flash
> Re: Cutey Honey
> Cutey Honey the Live
Actually, no, I was referring to something different.
>> Pretty Cure – This is a more recent series that I found to be a lot of
>> fun (hey, it’s not as if I’ll be including shows that I hated in this
>> story). I’ll be just including the original series and Max Heart, not
>> Splash Star or Yes! Pretty Cure 5, partly because I love Nagisa and
>> Honoka, partly because I don’t want to put extra weight on my shoulders
>> by including characters from the other series (I’ve got so many
>> characters to write already!), and in large part because only about 20
>> episodes each of the latter two series have been subbed.
> Yes, those two are pretty interesting and fun.
>> Nanoha – This is another more recent show that I’ve become a huge fan
>> of, not to mention that the Nanohaverse has a lot of story ideas that
>> gave me inspiration for this. Nanoha timeline wise, this happens around
>> the time of the A’s epilogue. I like the StrikerS cast, but setting it
>> before StrikerS fitted better (and time travel isn’t possible in the
>> Nanohaverse… although of course there’s a certain character from another
>> series who can get around that…
> Never seen it.
Very good show, with very likable characters and some of the best fight 
scenes in any magical girl show.  The monster-of-the-week stuff only 
lasts about four episodes before Fate shows up and things really get 
interesting.  A's is great from start to finish.  StrikerS takes a while 
to really get going, but has some great moments too.
> I can't see Princess Tutu in this, since she dances her enemies away.
> Niji no Shoujotai Prism Knights is a tad overpowered at the end where they 
> brought a second Earth from another universe and connected it with a 
> rainbow.  Rearranging the solar system is a bit out there.
> Nouveis Logic is another overpowered magical girl series
Haven't heard of either of those two.
> Makeruna! Makendo would be excellent for the story, save for its obscurity 
> Mai, Hikari, and Saya Tsurugino work for the Yokai Police and have the 
> resources of a police station to call upon.  Mai-16, Hikari(Mai's 
> sister)-14, Saya(Mai and Hikari's cousin)-15.
I remember seeing that at my anime club several years ago.  Don't 
remember much of it and don't have a copy, though.
>> And there are some other series that will show up in future chapters…
> Best guess would be Wedding Peach.  I'm not sure about Iczer Girl, Iczelion 
> though.
Not Iczelion.  Wedding Peach?  Well, it's possible...

Thanks for commenting!

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