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> Anyway, of the series included so far:

> Sailor Moon is, of course, THE iconic magical girl series, at least as
> far as the “magic warrior” variation goes, meaning she’s the equivalent
> of what Superman is to superheroes, or Mazinger Z to mecha. You really
> couldn’t do a magical girl crossover without including her. Of course,
> if you know your anime history, there were magical girl shows before
> Sailor Moon, but Sailor Moon was the first superhero-style magical girl,
> and shows like Mahoutsukai Sally wouldn’t really fit this kind of story
> well. I myself haven’t seen much of the earlier shows – a few episodes
> of the 80s Studio Pierrot shows and that’s it.
I always thought Cutey Honey was.  1972 was when the first Cutey Honey show 
came out.

If you are going with Cutey Honey Flash where Cutey Honey and Misty Honey 
combine into Ultimate Honey, that would be interesting.
> Magic Knight Rayearth – this is one of my favourite shows of all time,
> and Hikaru is one of my all-time favourite anime characters. Umi and
> Fuu, of course, are going to show up soon as well… perhaps some other
> Rayearth characters will also appear later on. Of course, some fans
> argue that Rayearth is technically shoujo fantasy, rather than a magical
> girl show, but hey, close enough. And I’ll be including at least one
> other series that it’s arguable isn’t technically a magical girl show
> either.
Cutey Honey, but which one.

Cutey Honey/New Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey Flash
Re: Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey the Live

> Pretty Cure – This is a more recent series that I found to be a lot of
> fun (hey, it’s not as if I’ll be including shows that I hated in this
> story). I’ll be just including the original series and Max Heart, not
> Splash Star or Yes! Pretty Cure 5, partly because I love Nagisa and
> Honoka, partly because I don’t want to put extra weight on my shoulders
> by including characters from the other series (I’ve got so many
> characters to write already!), and in large part because only about 20
> episodes each of the latter two series have been subbed.
Yes, those two are pretty interesting and fun.

> Nanoha – This is another more recent show that I’ve become a huge fan
> of, not to mention that the Nanohaverse has a lot of story ideas that
> gave me inspiration for this. Nanoha timeline wise, this happens around
> the time of the A’s epilogue. I like the StrikerS cast, but setting it
> before StrikerS fitted better (and time travel isn’t possible in the
> Nanohaverse… although of course there’s a certain character from another
> series who can get around that…
Never seen it.

I can't see Princess Tutu in this, since she dances her enemies away.

Niji no Shoujotai Prism Knights is a tad overpowered at the end where they 
brought a second Earth from another universe and connected it with a 
rainbow.  Rearranging the solar system is a bit out there.

Nouveis Logic is another overpowered magical girl series

Makeruna! Makendo would be excellent for the story, save for its obscurity 
Mai, Hikari, and Saya Tsurugino work for the Yokai Police and have the 
resources of a police station to call upon.  Mai-16, Hikari(Mai's 
sister)-14, Saya(Mai and Hikari's cousin)-15.

> Originals – Those of you who have played the Super Robot Wars games that
> inspired this story know that Banpresto include their own characters in
> said games, so I thought I’d do the same thing here. If you’ve played
> the games or seen the SRW anime, you probably recognise Kusuha and
> Excellen. Apart from the Banpresto characters, I’ll also be including
> some of my own characters in this story (as if there weren’t enough
> characters as is!) The focus will still be on actual anime characters,
> though.

> And there are some other series that will show up in future chapters…
Best guess would be Wedding Peach.  I'm not sure about Iczer Girl, Iczelion 


(Roll opening credits)

“Minna! Henshin yo!”

25 minutes’ worth of transformation sequences later…

(Roll closing credits)

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