[FFML] Magical Girl Wars, chapter 1

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Well, you can always have her in a support role, being in the background
like Ami, while the others mix it up with Sakura's guardians, well, guarding
her.  Some of her cards are very powerful, like the time, sword, fight,
power and shield cards, and if used judiciously, may tip the balance of a
battle.  She'll probably need dome training to enhance her reflexes of
calling her cards though.  Maybe she can have them all floating around her
so she doesn't have to pull them out.

Sorry for taking so long to respond, and thanks for your feedback!
> As for CCS, that's probably the series I'm most in two minds about
> including.  I love the show, and know that it's well-known and popular,
> but since CCS isn't really a "combative" magical girl show per se, I'm
> not really sure how well it would mesh with the rest of the series
> involved (and as an aside, Sakura's got a massive crossover of her own
> to be involved with, that's an actual professional manga ;).
> Hope you keep reading!
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