[FFML] [story idea/speculation][Sailor Moon/Urusei Yatsura]

Glazius Falconar glazius.falconar at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 10:12:21 PDT 2008

There's a fundamental problem here.You may be aware that scientists 
cannot account for something like 90% of the mass and energy the 
universe should have.

In Sailor Moon, the missing 90% of the universe is chaos, darkness, and 
hunger, and Earth is a delicious morsel.

In Urusei Yatsura, the missing 90% of the universe is punchlines that 
don't want to ruin the surprise, and Earth is a bucolic little island in 
the sea of stars where they still use dead lizards as fuel.

This is not to say that you can't mix the two.

Well, actually, it is.

But you could get rather close by constructing a shoujo space opera 
plotline out of papier-mache and bailing wire and then dropping the 
characters into the chaos of Tomobiki. If it works for Saotome Roman ( 
http://www.onemanga.com/Sket_Dance/7/06/ )  it can work in UY.

Steffan wrote:
> I apologize for the use of the bandwidth, and I'm sure someone else has 
> already thought of this.
> However....
> In UY, Oyuki is princess of Neptune.
> In SM, Michiru is senshi and princess of Neptune.
> Oyuki likes Neptune the way it is now.  Frigid, dim, lots of snow and 
> ice.   In the manga, her palace, IIRC, is made of ice.
> When the magic is restored in Crystal Tokyo, Neptune (from all accounts) 
> will be terraformed.  Blue skies, warmth, lots of green plants. 
> Ya think there might be a bit of a conflict brewing here?
> This could be either a slapstick comedy or a battle royal, featuring the 
> Pretty Soldiers of Love and Justice on one side, "Those Obnoxious 
> Aliens" on the other, and the students of Tomobiki HS smack in the 
> middle.  I can easily see Ataru and Mendou hitting on (and being hit by) 
> pretty girls on both sides of the conflict.... though Venus and Jupiter 
> might not try to *harm* Mendou (to the ire of his female classmates).
> Lum might be conflicted; these are her friends, but she's been on Earth 
> long enough to recognize the Senshi.  Would she side with her friends, 
> or with her adopted home?  Or would she spend all of her time zapping 
> Ataru for trying to hit on the Senshi?  And considering how similar 
> Lum's Divine Retribution is to Jupiter's Supreme Thunder, would their 
> attacks even affect each other?
> And given Oyuki and her people's affinity for cold, their attack could 
> even trigger the Great Freeze.  This is a plot point that might be worth 
> considering. 

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