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Sun Jun 15 23:53:33 PDT 2008

--- Paul Durant <031537 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Power level discussions are fanwank and they're pointless. If he
> wants 
> Sailor Neptune to pose a credible threat to Oyuki, he can discreetly 
> tone down Oyuki's implied/informed power level, and tone up the 
> Senshi's, with little to no impact on the credibility of the story.


Hotaru stared in mute horror at the swiss-cheesed body of her dearest
and only real friend, and the many bloody holes like so many gunshot
wounds that had been caused by a mere sneeze.

Before either one could say anything, Hotaru felt the twinge working
up in her nose again.  She tried to fight it, will it not to happen,
ANYTHING - but her body's true instincts were beyond her brain's
ability to halt.  Again she sneezed, and Chibi-Usa's head exploded.  A
third sneeze came like a recoil, and the only person who gave her life
meaning was now an ochre pile of shredded flesh and bone.

Immediately she knew there was only one thing for it.  Reaching out
more with her mind than her hand, she transformed and yanked the
Silence Glaive from nowhere.

"Resetting the world.  This time, my colds won't be a threat to
anyone.  In fact, let's seal my powers almost completely this time."

As Hotaru lowered the Glaive, an act she remembered from many previous
times but which no one else - save maybe her mama Puu - had memory of,
she flicked it to and fro, weaving what Would Be into place and writing
her will on the world.  She remembered, briefly, the people who might
once have known what she was capable of and what she was doing - but
they, as with her life as Haruhi, were no more.

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