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Even assuming your premise is true... so what? He's writing fanfic 
anyway, why assume he's bound to keep everyone's power levels so 
drastically different? It probably requires him to pay a hell of a lot 
more attention to power levels than Takahashi did in the first place. 
And to what purpose -- enforcing one series' supremacy as better than 

Power level discussions are fanwank and they're pointless. If he wants 
Sailor Neptune to pose a credible threat to Oyuki, he can discreetly 
tone down Oyuki's implied/informed power level, and tone up the 
Senshi's, with little to no impact on the credibility of the story. And 
then, he can HAVE a story, instead of having a comedy character with 
whatever powers would be funny or plot-advancing at the moment run 
totally roughshod over a character that's at least half to 
three-quarters serious.

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> Steffan wrote:
>> I apologize for the use of the bandwidth, and I'm sure someone else 
>> has
>> already thought of this.
>> However....
>> In UY, Oyuki is princess of Neptune.
>> In SM, Michiru is senshi and princess of Neptune.
>> Ya think there might be a bit of a conflict brewing here?
>    Not as much as you'd think. The Sailor Senshi wouldn't stand a
> snowball's chance, so to speak.
>    First off, when Oyuki gets even mildly upset, her /friends/ dive 
> for
> the nearest cover as fast as they can run. That's because she has a 
> bag
> of lethal ice and snow based attacks that Ami can only dream of. This
> was demonstrated in a story in which one of the sacred lemmings of
> Neptune got loose and caused mischief. In expressing her displeasure 
> at
> the creature, Oyuki came very close to doing serious harm to the 
> others
> without even noticing - it's one of the few times you ever see Benten
> running for dear life. Oyuki can also create gates to Neptune pretty
> much at will, creating mini ice-ages in the area around them and 
> turning
> the terrain to her advantage.
>    Couple that with the fact that Lum and Benten are /real/ crown
> princesses - not princesses in name only, like the Senshi - of very 
> real
> space empires. They can and do whistle up armies and fleets of 
> warcraft
> purely on a whim. So can Mendou, for that matter, and he's perfectly
> willing to do so to defend Lum's honor. Both girls are also the heirs 
> of
> rulers of militaristic societies, and are no slouches when it comes to
> combat themselves. They typically have a sizable arsenal of personal
> weapons in easy reach at any given time.
>    With that arrayed against the Sailors, you can kiss the possibility
> of Crystal Tokyo a fond farewell if they ever come into conflict with
> the Tomobiki crew. The mayhem the aliens can cause is on a completely
> different level, and nothing the Senshi faced in their entire series
> could prepare them for it.
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