[FFML] [AZD/FMP][Shortfic]Azumetal Panic!

Bert Miller hkmiller at theeddy.com
Sun Jun 15 06:21:47 PDT 2008

As always, thank you for writing and commenting!

DB Sommer wrote:
> % Oh, this combo can't be good.
Heh.  Oh, I don't know...

> Bert Miller wrote:
>> Sakaki said nothing, but knelt down and held out her arms.  With
>> her last strength, the dying mother cat nudged her kitten towards
>> Sakaki's arms with her nose.  Sakaki cuddled the kitten, who,
>> unusually for a cat in Sakaki's experience, showed no signs of
>> wanting to bite Sakaki's hand.
> % Hmm. Seems like a familiar scene.
Well, given my premise, the girls aren't going to Okinawa, so a 
replacement for Maia seemed indicated...

>> % Amusing piece, more sublime in nature, though with the option of having more, methinks. Nice enjoyable work.
Thanks.  Yes, I did think it could have been continued, or could have 
sequels, though it might be more interesting to put the AZD characters 
into situations from other series.

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