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Mon Jun 9 19:38:21 PDT 2008

On Jun 9, 2008, at 11:41 AM, DB Sommer wrote:

> % Who now bears a remarkable resemblence to Ed Norton rather than  
> Eric Bana.

Thank God. I read the novelization of Hulk and lost any desire to see  
the movie. I am kinda curious about Norton Hulk though. Especially  
since Tony Stark will be making an appearance.

>> "That's your answer for everything, isn't it?"
>> "It's worked so far."
> % Heh. Good old Usagi.

Yup. Good old Usagi.

>> Banner growled and pulled on the chains again.

>> % Must want them alilve and intact. Well, Hulkie has a healing  
>> factor,
> so crippling wouldn't work, but they could pull a 'Griffen' and
> hamstring Usagi's legs and do the same to her arms. if the plan is to
> keep her there for life.

Well Bruce Banner is arguably the most powerful mortal in the  
universe, not to mention the second or third smartest person on the  
planet. I don't see eye to eye with Peter David on a lot of things,  
but I do agree with him that the Hulk, if he put his mind to it,  
could singlehandedly conquer the planet as seen in the Maestro  

Regardless, it makes him valuable enough to keep alive.

As for Usagi, she's probably the only person on earth who is more of  
a problem when she's dead or crippled.

> % Hmm. It should have been 'Your old buddy, the Human Torch,  
> roasted him
> alive, but officially it was suicide. And oh by the way, his brain had
> been transferred by this nutjob called Arnim Zola and Hitler's  
> mentality
> has been bouncing around from body to body using the designation 'Hate
> Monger'.'

Feh, I never cared for the Immortal Hitler idea.

Vampire Stalin, on the other hand . . .

>> 11 Months ago . . .
>> For once, Tony Stark wasn't drunk. Not even slightly intoxicated. In
>> fact, as near as Julia Carpenter could tell, he was stone cold sober.
>> It was a first.
> % Spider Woman II at his side here. Interesting.

I should mention that for me, Tony Stark is largely defined by the  
second season of the 90's cartoon and this version is heavily based  
on that.

>> % Obviously Bolivar Trask's Sentinals weren't built or at least  
>> made a
> public appearance so far.

Oooh, yes, the Sentinels. I'd forgotten about them.

> % That probably is bad. Historically all of Tony's forays into AI's
> end... badly.

Well this one seems to be under control for now.

>> wake up call." He tapped his cane on the ground. "You know Fury  
>> long?"
>> Rogers looked at him. "I knew him sixty years ago, Mr. Stark. I
>> fought alongside him and his squad several times during the war. He
>> hasn't aged at all."
>> "That's a neat trick,"
> % Infinity Formula, actually.

No, not quite . . .

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