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A good fic. Pity that it is a one-shot and you are not going to continue it.


2008/6/7 DB Sommer <sommert at connecttime.net>:

> I know, what the hell? He's writing again. Well, this is short.
> Things Left Unwritten
> A shortfic featuring Death Note and, well, you'll see what it is.
> Standard disclaimer in that I do not own any of the following characters.
> Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> The blazing eyes of triumph were the last thing L saw.
> Deep down inside, in the pit of his soul, he had known Light was Kira
> from the first time they met. But L had ignored his instincts, insisting
> on hard evidence before doing anything. Why? Justice? Egotism?
> Confirmation that he was not just another version of Kira by following
> the letter of the law and having a trial before executing the mass
> murderer penmen? Or was it more basic, L just wanting to prove he was
> smarter than Light, perhaps the most brilliant mind he had ever met?
> Whatever it was that had held L back had cost him not just his life, but
> Watari's as well. That might have hurt him more than anything, though
> the heart attack was a close second. There was nothing peaceful about
> your heart stopping and dying as your vision slowly went black from a
> lack of oxygen. A bullet to the head would have been far better.
> L had never considered the cost of failure, so certain of his eventual
> success. Now with him out of the way many others would die at Light
> Yagami's hands. In his ignorance L had remained blind to the fact his
> failure would leave the populous to suffer at Light's hands.
> Suffering the exact same thing he was.
> L felt his brain shut down and life leave his body.
> And…
> Then…
> There…
> Was…
> Light.
> Coming from a one hundred watt bulb in the ceiling of what appeared to
> be a standard Japanese apartment.
> This was not what L had expected death to be like.
> Reflexively L's observation skills kicked in. Yes, it was definitely
> Japan: Tokyo Tower was visible from the window. He wasn't the only
> occupant in the room either. A number of men of various ages and walks
> of life were also present, all Japanese if their facial features could
> be believed. An older man in a hospital gown. A younger man with an
> agitated look. A man in his thirties with glasses. Two other older
> males, that reeked of Yakuza, sitting against a wall. A high school age
> boy along the back wall. And to round things out, a dog that L could
> just sense would be annoying.
> Oh yes, and there was a large black orb resting in the center of the
> room. That was certainly out of place. No markings on the surface gave
> any indication of its purpose. That was the real anomaly in this room.
> More information was needed. Perhaps the occupants had some idea of what
> was happening. A cursory examination made L doubt it. All had the
> posture and looks of the confused and bewildered, especially the one
> with the glasses. Oh, they tried to hide it, and were dealing with it
> exceptionally well if they were drawn here in a fashion similar to L.
> That too was odd. But in any case, they seemed to have the same
> emotional state.
> Wait. The high school student in back. He was different. His was not a
> look of confusion. On the contrary: it was curiosity and amusement. A
> closer examination for anything unusual revealed something odd sticking
> just above the neck of his shirt. Something black and tight. The way he
> held himself was confident. Yes, the 'Key' to this situation might very
> well be with that one, and L mentally designated him as such.
> "Great, another one." That was younger man with the agitated look. "You
> don't happen to have a cigarette on you?"
> "No." 'Smokes' phrase of 'another one' was further confirmation that
> this group was not organized. The likelihood this was centered on L
> became more unlikely. Were these all victims of Light? The Yakuza,
> perhaps, but the others? None of them were familiar, and L had gone over
> every confirmed Kira kill he could find. Any high school age victims
> would have stood out in L's mind, and he was certain the Key was not one
> of them. Older men were few and farther between as well. Although once L
> thought about it, the old man in the smock was familiar, but not in
> connection to Light. It was in a newspaper. He was a politician that had
> been hospitalized because of some sort of disease. A terminal one.
> Now L noticed the enforcer half of the Yakuza fingering a hole in his
> shirt. The motion had the airs of was curiosity rather than nervous
> habit. It really was a large hole; inappropriate considering the shirt
> was in good shape in every other way.
> Ideas were just starting to coalesce when what appeared to be a laser
> beam shot out of the black orb just above the wooden floor. It stopped
> in mid-air for no apparent reason, and began going back and forth at an
> incredible rate, rising up as it did. Where the beam had been, it left
> behind something that appeared solid. More of the… residue appeared
> until it revealed it was a person. L could tell, since he could see
> inside the person. Flesh, muscle, even bone. It was like it was creating
> a human from nothing from the ground up, including clothing.
> Keeping one eye on the ever rising beam, L saw the others lacked the
> shock that would have been appropriate if it had been the first time
> they saw it, though confusion still reigned over them. All accept the
> Key. Oh yes, he knew something. It was probable they had all entered the
> room in the same manner. The Yakuza were the most relaxed. Perhaps they
> had been the first to arrive.
> L watched as the 'laser' completed its task of creating the human and
> started again from the bottom up next to the being it had left behind.
> As the beam finished the completed figure moved abruptly, as though he
> had been left on 'pause' and then someone hit the button to pick him up
> where he had left off. Another high school male: large, black hair,
> school uniform. Not Light's old high school, so no easy connection
> there. The youth appeared normal in every way. Only his impossible
> arrival marked him as abnormal.
> There was also no open relation to the Key. The newcomer was the most
> confused of the lot. L had enough information to test a hypothesis while
> the newcomer was disoriented and couldn't come up with a lie.
> "How did you die?" L asked.
> "What?" The youth was still bewildered, trying to process too many
> things at once. No, definitely no inside information here.
> L prodded him. "What was the last thing that happened to you before you
> found yourself here?"
> "The train. Kei and I were trying to outrun… what the hell is that?" he
> asked, in reference the beam that was creating a second person.
> A pity the laser had distracted him. Still, L had more information.
> 'Trying to outrun a train' rarely met with success. Sudden death, no doubt.
> Was L dead? A hard curl of his fist revealed pain. His body felt like it
> had before. No. It felt better; a throbbing in his ankle that had
> bothered him was gone. The orb's light was creating, no, recreating
> people somehow. Such technology was impossible. Then again, until a
> couple of months ago shinigami were thought to be 'impossible' as well.
> The latest arrival was a high school male identified as 'Kei' by his
> larger friend. A pair, just like the Yakuza. People snatched from the
> moment before death, or maybe a moment after, all put in the same room
> with a black orb. And the quiet youth in the back, trying to make
> himself unnoticed, knew something about it. L decided it was best to
> play dumb until more information could be gathered.
> The light was making another person, this one unclothed and female. She
> was much more… bouncy than Misa, L noted. There was some blood on both
> wrists. Suicide? Probably, though there were no wounds now.
> The girl all but collapsed in the arms of the person nearest to her:
> Kei. L noticed that once the initial surprise from her gender, state of
> dress, and figure became evident, there was a look of lust in all of the
> guys' faces, especially the Yakuza thug. That could cause problems. As
> long as the thug wasn't armed, L could take him. No, being armed
> wouldn't matter. Looking deeply into the thug's eyes, L determined he
> lacked any true intelligence. He wouldn't think someone with L's…
> unthreatening appearance a danger until it was far too late.
> L offered his shirt to 'Suicide Girl', hoping it would head off the
> potential mess. No, even as the others talked with the girl, trying to
> make sense of things, the thug rose up to his feet with only one thing
> on his mind. L knew talking would be useless, so the moment the thug got
> into range, L gave him a hard kick into the crotch, one that would have
> the man pissing blood for days.
> "Now you don't have any urges to give in to," L said.
> The others stared at L in surprise, even the youth in the back. Caution
> had replaced lust on the faces of the men. That was for the best.
> Further discussion ended as the ball began blaring morning work out
> music. In poorly written Japanese it declared their lives were its to do
> with as it pleased. That was not reassuring. It proceeded to tell them
> they needed to kill something called a green onion alien, complete with
> an accompanying picture. A joke? A test of their reactions? The
> technology involved was beyond that of anything known by humans, so
> perhaps not. And L found the idea of aliens far more realistic than
> shinigami.
> The sides of the orb popped out, revealing racks filled with several
> different types of futuristic-looking weapons. L stepped close and saw a
> man inside the orb, curled into a fetal position. He remained there,
> unmoving, naked, totally hairless and with some sort of breathing
> apparatus over his face. L didn't have the faintest idea what that was
> about, and had a feeling now was not the time to delve into it.
> In addition to the weapons there was a rack filled with metal suitcases,
> one bearing his real name on it. How had they discovered that? Were the
> shinigami involved? No, this was too high tech for them. Some other
> agency that operated on some level beyond easy understanding, then.
> L took the case and opened it. Inside was a jet black body suit with
> studs of some kind along the border. An idea dawned. He looked closely
> at the neck of the outfit. Ah, so that was what had been sticking out
> the Key's shirt. That confirmed he wasn't new to this situation. Was he
> some sort of control for an experiment, or a previous, well, 'hunter'
> seemed to be their new role, if the information on this orb was correct?
> Probably the latter, since Key seemed excited and eager, but was trying
> to hide it. Not in charge then, but he knew more about the situation
> than anyone else, and was keeping it to himself.
> L decided to play along and grabbed one of each type of 'weapon'.
> Getting into the suit was going to be a challenge. It looked skin tight,
> and even he didn't think he was much of a fashion plate. "I recommend we
> all do what the orb says and grab these weapons as well as put on these
> suits," L informed the others.
> "Why? They look stupid," Smokes asked.
> L doubted the attitude was coming from nicotine withdrawal. He'd take
> the personality into consideration. "Do you think someone would bring
> you back from the dead just to make you look stupid?"
> Everyone looked at one another in indecision, even the thug, who was
> just rising to his feet, tears in his eyes. The Key broke the silent
> deadlock by grabbing weapons, the others following suit. That settled
> it. L had been made de facto leader to all but the previous participant,
> and he was sure that would change in time.
> The Key was no Light Yagami.
> Once in charge, L would divine the mystery behind the mysterious ball,
> and even the aliens (should they exist) in time. But there was one other
> matter to take care of once this hunt was over. One case that needed
> wrapping up.
> Light Yagami was about to have the worst day of his life, and nothing
> could stop it. After all, you couldn't kill someone twice, even with a
> Death Note.
> Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> [Writer's notes: Just an interesting postulation. And you just know L
> would actually be able to do what no one, including the creators, have
> been able to accomplish so far in figuring out the mystery behind Gantz.
> Gantz is indeed the manga that was crossed over with Death Note.
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