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On Jun 3, 2008, at 8:35 PM, Aaron Nowack wrote:

> Standard C&C Disclaimer:  All the below is my only occasionally useful
> humble opinion, my only occasionally correct grammatical and spelling
> corrections, and/or my only occasionally funny humor.
> StudioPC wrote:
>> This is the sequel to the Amazing Spiderwoman. Enjoy.
> I believe I remember that one.  Ami as Spiderwoman and Sailor Mercury
> with a split personality of some kind, right?

Yup. Though the other two personalities seem to have been killed by  
the Green Goblin.
>> Disclaimer: I make no claim to any copyrighted characters.
>> ------------------------------------------------
>> David Banterman, alias Bruce Banner, alias The Incredible Hulk,
>> pulled experimentally at the chains attached to the cuffs around his
>> wrists, listening to the clink.
>> Adamantium.
>> He scowled, heavy brows lowering, and moved his hips and legs. The
>> restraints there were also adamantium. His arms were pulled above his
>> head, legs spread wide, and a harness prevented him from using his
>> hips. In short, he had no wiggle room. No way to use his considerable
>> strength or bulk to pry his restraints from the wall and floor.
> Well, wouldn't be much point in restraining him in the first place
> otherwise.

True. But there's not even any leverage for him. Bruce Banner is the  
second or third smartest guy on the planet and as the Hulk, is  
arguably the most powerful mortal in the universe. If anyone could  
get out of restraint through a combination of pure force and raw  
intelllect, its him.

>> "Why aren't you dead yet?" he demanded.
>> Sailor Moon screwed up her face in thought. "Because I'm cute?"
>> "That's your answer for everything, isn't it?"
>> "It's worked so far."
> Heh.

First rule of this Universe, so long as it makes sense to Usagi, its  

Of course, since she could probably drive Cthullu mad by talking to  
him . . .

>> Well, _applied_ genetics, I suppose.

Heh. "Applied Genetics". I like that.

> Hmm.  Future She-Hulk, perchance?
> Although she's already been fused with a Marvel character.

She did get a blood transfusion from Bruce in Amazing Spiderwoman. Of  
course, she was Sailor Jupiter at the time. Who knows what mixing  
Gamma Energy and Senshi Power will do?

Besides me, I mean.

>> Well, other than that I had a hard time mentally picturing  
>> original-type
> Nick Fury instead of Ultimate Samuel L. Fury, but that's pretty  
> much my
> own fault. :)

Ultimate Samuel L. Fury pwns all, it is true, but I have a certain  
fondness for Original Fury as depicted in Marvel Animation.

For the curious, The Amazing Spiderwoman can be found at the Pit  
here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1594585/1/The_Amazing_Spiderwoman

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