[FFML] [SM] Daughter of Silence

Aaron Nowack anowack at mimiru.net
Tue Jun 3 18:15:28 PDT 2008

Miashara wrote:
> I could see this turning into a kind of worst case scenario for the senshi. 
> Hotaru, aware of what's going on, actively helping the enemy woud be one 
> hell of a problem. That, or properly manipulated with lies and half truths 
> but under the impression she knew what was going on would be just as bad.


Readers of my previous Sailor Moon work might detect a common theme of
"Wouldn't it be _really bad_ if Sailor Saturn was evil?" at work here. ;)

> The opening to this was so similar to Ambrose Bierce's An Inhabitant of 
> Carcosa I thought this was going to be some crazy crossover. 

Hmm.  I'm not familiar with that story, but no, I haven't any crossovers

> I liked the 
> prose a lot, but wasn't sure what the "point" if you will of it was meant to 
> be. I'm kind of curious why you wrote this.

*shrug* Mostly, to get the idea out of my head, float the general
concept, and see whether people were interested in it and if it was
worth developing further.  Also, to do a little world-building with the
Death Busters, most of which is only hinted at in the actual story.

> Miashara
> -And fanfiction? Here? Why on earth would you do that?

I know!  But I'm sure this community can survive the diversion from its
usual purpose of silent meditation and movie poster discussion. :)

           Aaron Nowack
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