[FFML] [Naruto-ish] A Legend of the First Bloodline

Andrew Petalik wolf at magma.ca
Wed Jul 30 14:23:16 PDT 2008

Aaron Nowack wrote:
> So, I was digging through my fanfic folder searching for an idea that
> would inspire me to actually start writing again (the only writing I've
> done lately being an incomplete DC comics story based on an idea so
> terrible I'd hesitate to share it even were it finished), and I stumbled
> across this bit I wrote over a year ago, which I don't believe I ever
> posted.  Since this list has been near-dead of late, I figured it
> wouldn't hurt to post it.
> This is actually a quasi-prequel to One Hundred Days, as a legend that
> might exist in that universe.  ("Might" because I'm uncertain whether
> the events described in this story are far enough in the past that they
> could be distorted into myth.)  So, if anybody was dying for more hints
> at my behind-the-scenes world-building, this one's for you.
> No guarantee of quality or interest is made, as this was never really
> intended for anyone else to read, but any C&C is still welcomed.
> A Legend of the First Bloodline
> A Naruto Fanfic
> By: Aaron Nowack
It has a nice ring to it.

I could believe that it occurred far enough back to be a legend of the 
ancient past.

I liked it.

Nice extro leaving you room for a sequel about the story of wood and fire.

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