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So, I was digging through my fanfic folder searching for an idea that
would inspire me to actually start writing again (the only writing I've
done lately being an incomplete DC comics story based on an idea so
terrible I'd hesitate to share it even were it finished), and I stumbled
across this bit I wrote over a year ago, which I don't believe I ever
posted.  Since this list has been near-dead of late, I figured it
wouldn't hurt to post it.

This is actually a quasi-prequel to One Hundred Days, as a legend that
might exist in that universe.  ("Might" because I'm uncertain whether
the events described in this story are far enough in the past that they
could be distorted into myth.)  So, if anybody was dying for more hints
at my behind-the-scenes world-building, this one's for you.

No guarantee of quality or interest is made, as this was never really
intended for anyone else to read, but any C&C is still welcomed.

A Legend of the First Bloodline
A Naruto Fanfic
By: Aaron Nowack

Disclaimer:  This story is loosely based off of Kishimoto Masashi's
Naruto.  I'm not him, so the world and most of the concepts aren't mine.
The text of the story belongs to me, though, so please don't steal it.
Joke goes here.

        In the days after Thunder's Shadow slew the Emperor of All, in
the provinces known as the Land of Fields, the daimyo raised rebellion
against the Country of Lightning.  But the Fields' ninja were few in
number and had no powers to match the lightning ninjutsu of Thunder's
people, and the wrath of Thunder's Shadow was terrible.  The daimyo and
his armies were slaughtered, and the people of the Fields were afflicted
with terrible punishments.

        It came to pass that a ninja of the Fields said, "Why should it
be that we should suffer, when others are free?"

        The other ninja said, "We have no powers to stand against
Thunder's people."

        The first ninja replied, "Then I shall journey until I find a
strength to match Thunder's Shadow."  He traveled to the south, to the
Country of Fire, for he knew of how Fire's Shadow had driven Thunder's
people from the borders of his land.  He said to him, "Lend me your
strength, that my people may know freedom as well."

        Fire spoke through his Shadow, and he said, "I would that I
could aid you, but I have made a pact with my brother Thunder, that my
people shall make no war with his."

        "Is there nothing you can do for my people?" the ninja asked.

        Fire said, "I can not help you, but I know of one who may.  My
sister Wind is the only one who has defeated Thunder in battle, and she
makes her home in the deserts of the west.  Speak of your plea unto

        So the ninja journeyed deep into the desert, and he shouted of
his people's plight to the wind, but Wind herself did not answer.  The
ninja fasted and begged for many days and many nights, until Wind sent a
messenger to him.

        The messenger said, "My mistress has sworn to serve the aims of
no man or woman who asks, but she has heard your plight and sent me to
aid you.  Three boons shall I grant for you, any that my power suffices
to achieve."

        The ninja said, "Three boons cannot save my people, unless you
can slay Thunder and his Shadow."

        The messenger said, "I have not that power."

        The ninja was weak from his fasting, and he said, "Then carry me
from this desert, that I might not die."  The messenger lifted him in
its hand, and a mighty wind took them far to the north.

        Once the ninja had eaten and drank, the messenger said, "In this
land dwells Earth, who has made war with Thunder's people.  Seek his
Shadow, and speak of your people unto him."

        The ninja did so, and the Shadow said, "I am not unsympathetic
to your plight.  Let your people be one with my people, and Earth's
power shall be yours as well.  Together we shall slay Thunder's Shadow,
and lay waste to the Country of Lightning and take its people as our

        The ninja shook his head, and said, "My people are not your
people and will not trade one master for another.  Nor have we any
desire to be the masters of another people, but only to live free."

        Earth's Shadow was aggrieved and ashamed, and he raised his hand
to strike down the ninja.  Yet Earth stayed his Shadow's hand, and said,
"I will not see a honorable guest so treated in my home.  I will grant a
boon to you, to pay the debt my Shadow has incurred, but I will not
fight against my brother Thunder, nor shall my people, for he is
stronger than I."

        The ninja bowed, and he said, "I thank you, mighty Earth."  He
left and spoke unto the messenger of Wind, saying, "I have traveled far,
and plead my people's case with Fire, and with Wind, and with Earth, yet
none will aid me.  I must now turn to Water, but her people allow none
to land on her islands."

        The messenger lifted the ninja up once more, and said, "It is
within my power to carry you to the islands, that you might plead your

        "As my second boon, do so," the ninja said, and the messenger

        Water's Shadow soon came upon the ninja, and she said, "Tell me
how and why you have come to these islands, stranger, lest you die."

        The ninja spoke at length of his story, and Water spoke through
her Shadow, saying.  "I will grant my power only to the people of the
sea, and your people know not the deep waters."

        "Is there no aid which you can grant me?" the ninja asked.

        Water said, "Like my brother Earth, one boon shall I grant you,
for my hatred for Thunder is great.  But neither I nor my people shall
fight for your people's freedom, for freedom won through another's might
is not freedom."

        The ninja responded, "I thank you."  Then he spoke to the
messenger of Wind, saying, "As my last boon, I ask that you ask Earth to
come to us, that we might all confer."  So the messenger did, and Earth

        Earth said, "What boons do you ask of my sister and I?"

        The ninja bowed and said, "I am not a wise man, and so I ask
only that you and your sister speak to one another and that you decide
what boons that you are willing to grant would most aid my people, and
let those be my boons."

        Water said, "So shall we do," and Earth went aside with her for
a night and a day.

        When they returned, another was with them, and Earth said, "This
is my son, Wood."

        Water said, "This is my son, Wood."

        Wood said to the ninja, "I have heard from my father Earth and
my mother Water of your people's plight.  I will grant my power to you,
and together we shall fight with Thunder and his Shadow."

        "What of my people?" the ninja asked.  "Will your power be
granted to them as well?"

        Wood said, "I am not so mighty as my father or mother, to grant
my power to an entire people."

        "Then what shall happen to them, when I am gone?  I am human and

        Wood spoke with Earth and Water, and they went aside for another
night and another day.  When they returned, Wood said, "Not only to you,
but to you and your children shall I grant my power, that your people
might never fear Thunder's wrath."

        So it was for many years.  Like all mortal things, the ninja and
his line failed, yet they stood for long enough that never again did
Thunder's people rule the land now called the Country of Wood. In
fullness of time, another ninja would be granted Wood's power, and forge
of Wood's people and Fire's people a mighty nation, but that is a story
for another time...

           Aaron Nowack
"Never let reality get in the way of a good hypothesis."

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