[FFML] [xover][Kodocha/Alice Academy/RoD/GK] Sana's Alice, Chapter 5.

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[xover][Kodocha/Alice Academy/RoD/GK] Sana's Alice, Chapter 5.
By Henry J. Cobb

Gakuen Alice is the creation of Higuchi Tachibana.  Kodomo no Omocha
is the creation of Miho Obana.  Read or Dream is the creation of
Hideyuki Kurata. Ginban Kaleidoscope is the creation of Rei Kaibara.
This parody is not intended to cause any damage to these properties.

Previously: Misako Kurata's latest bestselling book in Japan, "My
Daughter and I", tells how Sana Kurata, her eleven year old adopted
daughter, came to be the co-star of the television series Kodocha.
She neglected to mention in her book that Sana has a budding
relationship with Akito Hayama and that Babbit, the sidekick of the
television show, is not a puppet or computer generated image but an
actual small plastic balloon bat/rabbit sentient creature that Sana
summons with the use of her superhuman power or Alice.

Because Sana is an Alice she has been forced to transfer to the
maximum security boarding school run by the Japanese government called
Alice Academy.  At the Academy Sana has been entranced, attacked,
humiliated, hazed and idolized.  Although Sana is one of the most
famous girls in Japan, she was unknown at the Academy and is often
mistaken for her twin sister Mikan Sakura, who ran off with a boy from
her class.

Mikan's old friend Hotaru Imai has adopted Sana as a pet of sorts and
has introduced her to several other students at the three sub-schools
in the Academy, but Sana's Alice is unlike any of theirs.

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Chapter Five: King and Princess

After class I carried Hotaru's book bag and helped her into her
giraffe cart.

She settled down into her seat then turned to me, "Sana, why did you
pick Sumiregawa?"

"She was a friend of Mama's.  She gave me a copy of her last book
before she went to Hong Kong and now I feel guilty that I've never
read it."

"Did you bring it with you?"

"Oh!  I guess I kind of forgot."

"The Middle School library ought to have a copy.  Let's go check.
Anita's not allowed, after what her tantrum did to our library."

"It wasn't a tantrum!  I'm not a little kid.  But who wants to go to
some dumb old library anyway?  Nothing good ever came out of a book."

I got in behind Hotaru and thought about what had happened to Nenene
Sumiregawa, "Why do the Chinese hate Alices so?"

"They've got good reason to," Hotaru turned back to me as the giraffe
followed the twists of the path on its own, "What do you know about
Unit 731?"


"Yes, that's kept out of the textbooks for a very good reason.  The
cover story is that it was a biological weapons program for use
against the Chinese during the Second World War and the truth is that
it had been going on for a long time before that and continues to
today.  You are the result of it."

"But I'm not a biological weapon!  Right Babbit?"

Babbit popped into existence on the seat next to me and was as
supportive as usual, "I don't know Sana, you can be quite a terror
with those mallets."

"I'm not like that at all!"  I malleted him hard enough to pop him
then dismissed the mallet with a nervous laugh.

Hotaru raised an eyebrow at this then continued, "I had heard a little
bit about it before I came here, but dismissed the rumors.  When I was
forced to attend the Academy I quickly saw that I wasn't all that
unusual, in this crowd.  I put my head down and concentrated on my
studies and inventions, but after a few months here I started having
headaches.  I had been perfectly healthy for the previous two years,
but I remembered having headaches when I was younger so I went to see
Mr. Narumi about it.  Just for a moment his face showed such sadness.
He took me to the hospital here and they gave me some pills that help
a bit."

"The same pills you shared with Kaname?"

"Exactly.  It's the same chronic condition.  A few weeks later
Mr. Narumi came to my room and said we were going on a trip to meet
somebody.  I asked him who it was and he said it was a secret.  I was
dressed in a very expensive looking kimono and driven along with
Mr. Narumi to the Imperial Palace, which oddly enough isn't all that
far from here.  Then I was sent in alone to meet him in his study."

"The Imperial Palace?  Who's there who'd want to meet one of us?"

"It was our school patron, the Emperor of Japan."


"He was dressed in a business suit.  He asked me to sit and then asked
some questions about my inventions.  He had obviously been well
briefed about them.  Then he stopped, smiled and thanked me, he said
that he now knew that his father had been correct when he worked so
hard to preserve the Academy and that if I needed anything I could ask
him at any time.  I felt another headache coming on and I finally knew
what had been protecting me from them so I asked if I could return
home.  He said that was the one thing he could not grant.  I was
precious to the nation and best protected at the Academy.  He said he
would stand in front of the gate holding the imperial sword if he
thought it would help."

"That's a bit much," I smiled at Hotaru's story.

"I was returned to my room and in my anger and my pain and my
frustration I used my Alice."

"To make an unstoppable weapon?"

"Well, not directly.  I wrote a postcard.  And it was crafted so that
everybody in the world would see it as being just a bit odd, but the
one target it was directed at would be hooked.  She would simmer for a
bit then come charging here and nothing on this Earth could stop her.
I knew she would wail at the gate until they sent an Alice to stop her
and I gambled that it would be Mr. Narumi.  He would use his power
against her and fail and know that she was an Alice.  He would bring
my Mikan to me and my pains would be gone.  So you can see that it's
entirely my fault that you were brought here."

"No, I'm the one who used my Alice on live television for years.  The
only one to blame for my attendance is me."

"Now you know why the Chinese hate you.  So if you do become
internationally famous please don't tour there.  I might need you

The Middle School library had a complete collection of Nenene
Sumiregawa's books and they where almost brand new, just like their
Misako Kurata collection.

I was holding Hotaru's books as we walked to the checkout counter when
a Middle School boy with a silly haircut walked up.

"Oh my poor sweet Hotaru, did you hurt yourself?"

"No, I hurt somebody else," Hotaru turned away then swiveled back on
her crutch, "Shoda, I'd like you to meet somebody," She pointed
towards me.

"This thing?  I already know it well enough."

"It isn't Mikan.  It's her twin sister, Sana Kurata."


"She's famous.  She had a hit TV series and already had a book written
about her life.  It's My Daughter and I, by her mother," she pointed
at the book on the shelf.

"Oh,"  he walked over to the shelf.

We made our escape while he was distracted and then back in her cart I
turned to Hotaru, "It?  Is this how you're going to introduce me to
all the Middle School boys?  Well forget it, I've already got a

"And he's deeply in love with you?  How many letters has he written
you since you got here?"

"I...  I haven't gotten any mail yet."

"Well tomorrow's mail day.  If you don't hear from him by then I guess
you should just write him off."

The next day Hotaru was walking normally and got a big pile of
technical magazines, business correspondence and a letter from her
parents.  I got nothing.

"Are you sure?"

"Nothing for miss Kurata," Ms. Takahashi, our robot matron shook out
her empty mailbag.

"It's not fair!  It's not fair!"

"Stop rolling around on the floor.  You'll get your uniform dirty and
you're giving Yuu a free show."

I sat up, looked at Hotaru and then Yuu.  He was blushing and looking

Yome looked at him, "Mixed fruit print panties."

"I'm not thinking about it!"  Yuu held his palms to his temples.

"Slap him Sana,"  Hotaru looked sidelong at him.

"Why?  He seems condensed enough about it."

Babbit popped up, "You mean contrite, of course."

I summoned up a slingshot and nailed Babbit, but the summoned plastic
pellet bounced off the wall.

Hotaru stopped the pellet with a ping pong paddle, "Be careful with
that.  But you don't understand the real danger.  When Yuu gets too
excited he tends to project whatever he's thinking."

Yuu blushed even more at that and ran from the classroom.

"Does every girl set him off like that?"  I got up.

"No, just two,"  Anna watched him go.

I didn't recall the missing letters until after I left the classroom.
That darn Hotaru, she distracted me on purpose.  I wasn't looking
where I was going so I bumped into somebody.

"Oh, Mr. Narumi!  Sorry."

"You look very worried Sana.  If there's anything bothering you feel
free to tell me about it," His smile seemed so sparkly.

"It's about the letters Sir.  I don't see how I could have not gotten
anything.  Mama at least would write, I'm sure of it."

"Oh you do have a bunch of mail.  The problem is in processing it.
We're adding more people now and should have it sorted out in a few

"Oh, thank you.  Thank you so very much," I bowed and stood there
blushing as he walked off.

"And you believe him, right?"  Hotaru walked up.

"Of course I --- No I don't.  He got me again."

"You recover quickly from his Alice."

"I must have only gotten a small dose this time.  That scumbag."

"I know a way for you to see how much better the outside world is
doing without Sana Kurata."

"And what is it going to cost me?"

"Most likely nothing except your delusions.  I'm not the one who does

Hotaru led me back to the classroom, took her seat and nodded towards
that girl with the gray hair and ageless eyes.

"Hi, I'm Sana,"  I held out my hand to the girl.

"Do you mind?"

"Oh, sorry."

"You want me to use my Alice for you."

"Uh, yes, I guess?"

"Do you mind if I do?  I may see things that you do not wish seen."

"I entrust myself to your care upperclassman," I bowed.

"Please call me Yura.  My power can be embarrassingly intimate.  Are
you sure that you should bare your soul to me?"

"My life's been published.  And Hotaru has me under surveillance.
I've got nothing left to hide here."

She clapped twice, "Let us begin," She took me by the hand and led me
to a corner of the classroom that had been suddenly cleared.  Three
boys from our class were sitting on the floor with musical
instruments.  "Dance is the key to the soul.  Dance with me and think
of the one you want to see."

"Like this?"  I took her other hand and moved up next to her, "Who

"No, stand there,"  She pushed me to the side, "And follow my motions."

As she started her dance I had a moment of confusion.  Who was it that
I wanted to see?  Mama?  She'd be fine, wouldn't she?  It was Akito.
He was so broken up that last day I saw him.  Had he reverted to form?
Was he still alive?  I had to know.

The music played faster and faster and I kept up with the beat.  My
many years of dance classes were paying off at last.  Suddenly the
music stopped and I fell over.

"I see him," Yura held her wrist to her forehead, "That boy.  He seems
to be most distraught.  He is walking alone.  Wait!  A girl is running
up to him.  She's taken his hand."

"What!  Who?"

"Yuu?"  Hotaru nodded to him.

Yuu stepped up and held out his hands.

Yura grabbed Yuu's hands and the classroom vanished.  Suddenly we were
next to a sidewalk near my old school.  Akito was holding hands with

"No!  It can't be.  That witch!"

"Sana," Hotaru frowned at me, "Your language."

"No, it has to be an evil spell.  I should have let him drown her when
she called him a monster."

"He tried to drown her?"

"And then he choked me, but it's all okay now.  No, it's not okay.
This cannot be happening.  Are you sure Yura?"

"Yes, I --- Aaaah!"  The outdoor scene vanished as Yura and Yuu
dropped to their knees while clutching their heads.


"It's the Barrier Alice.  Usually it doesn't mind my Alice," Yura
huddled on the floor, covering her eyes.

"Quick," Hotaru ordered, "Get them some water."

Hotaru had the lights turned off and the blinds drawn.  And the two
victims were lain out on the ground with damp cloths on their

"Someday," I raised a fist to the sky, "I'm going to find that Barrier
Alice and it's going to pay for all the pain it's caused."


I turned to Sumire, "What?"

"The Barrier Alice is a woman.  Sometimes in my dreams I can hear her
singing.  She wants to protect us.  I'm sure of it."

"You call this protection?"

"Perhaps it's a good thing your psychopath is seeing other girls now."

"What?"  I turned to Hotaru.

"Have you thought about the children?"


"Don't you intend to have children some day?"

"Maybe, I suppose.  Why?"

"It's the least you can do to repay Japan for all they've done for
you, especially since your children will all be powerful Alices."

"I guess, if you say so."

"You've seen how the students here have struggled at the Unlimited
Alice limit, but you're past that limit so you don't worry about it.
It's no concern of yours.  But if you have children with a non-Alice
then perhaps they will be less powerful than you and stuck at the
Unlimited Alice limit.  That's no problem so long as Mommy's there to
hold them and wipe away their pains, but what if something happens to
you?  Would you condemn your own children to lifelong pain.  What kind
of monster are you?"

"I don't understand," Yura sat up, "Can Sana heal strained Alices?"

"Not yet,"  Hotaru turned and walked out of the classroom.

That Hotaru!  She's always confusing me with Mikan.  But wait, if
Mikan can help the unlimited Alices then there's one that must live to
see her.  But how?  "Anita and Anna, can you see after these two?"


"What's up?"

"I've got to go see someone."

I shoved open his door.  I'd resolved not to be polite.  I can play it
tough and scary.  I'm an actress after all.

Kaname was coughing at his desk.  He put down the fabric, needle and
thread and turned in his chair, "Sana.  What brings you here.  Would
you like me to make you a doll?"

"No.  I want you to meet somebody.  Kaname Sono, this is Tazusa

He sat straight up in his chair and got a little more pale.

"Have you heard of me?"  She stood there hard and cold as the ice on a
skating rink.

"Yes I have.  Can I make you a doll miss Sakurano?"

"That's upperclassman Sakurano to you underclassman Sono.  I imagine
that they would speak of me in the Death Row wing of the hospital.
Hopefully in whispers.  If you know of me, you know what I do.  You
will make that doll for me, with these hands," She held up her own.

"My power has a drawback."

"I'll use it sparingly," She walked over, leaned down and kissed him
on the forehead, "I claim your soul for my own use, once you are done
with it."

"I -- I wouldn't want anybody else to be hurt by my gift."

"Then keep it to yourself.  But when you tire of life, I'll be

I followed her out of the middle school dorm, "Do you think he bought

"I was more worried the shock would kill him.  That kiss of death was
a great idea.  Are you sure that Mikan's Alice can help his pain?"

"That's what Hotaru says."


"Hotaru Imai.  She's a student in our class and she's known Mikan for

"Imai, that's a pain."


"It's just the only boy in my class that's never been frightened of
me, but my existence annoys him.  It suggests that there is something
beyond the narrow realm of Alice Science.  That perhaps there just
might be gods watching and judging us.  Philosophy class is a hoot."

The next morning Babbit was helping me with my hair when I brushed him

"What's wrong Sana?"

"I'm sick of seeing her face."


"Mikan Sakura!"  I pointed at the mirror, "She's taken over my life,"
I undid the pigtails and gathered my hair back into a single ponytail.

As I walked into the classroom, Ruka stared at me.

"What's his problem?"

Anna looked at him then back at me, "You've copied Mikan's hairstyle
as the princess when she was in the play with Ruka."

"When will Mikan quit following me?"

"She's preceding you actually," Hotaru put down a book on
nanotechnology, "Mr. Narumi wants me to write, direct and perform in
the sequel next year, but I'll only do it if you'll reprise your
sister's role as the title character."

"I guess you need my great voice and looks to draw in the crowds."

"Not exactly.  You'll be a deformed mute undead monster.  My working
title is The Puppet Princess.  It's like a cross between Sleeping
Beauty, Pinocchio and Frankenstein."

"Why do you think I'd agree to something like that?"

"For the next seven years your only acting exposure will be in school
plays and you get to be the star."

I couldn't think of anything to say to that myself so Babbit popped up
and offered, "She's got you by the vanity Sana."

I went back to my desk and tied my hair back in pigtails.

That evening I was struggling with my English homework.

"Come on Sana," Babbit landed on my shoulder, "English isn't just a
class.  A lot of movies are produced by Hollywood.  Are you going to
depend on subtitles all your life?"

"It's still boring.  Who do I know who can -- Wait!  Anita's a native
English speaker.  I'll go study with her."

I saw Anita walking out her door, "Where are you going?"

"It's a secret.  Please don't tell anyone," She looked around then
walked downstairs.

I sent Babbit to follow her as I went to put my books back in my room
then summoned another Babbit and followed him to Hotaru's workshop.

The main hangar doors were open so I peeked in.  Anita and Sumire were
drinking cartons of chocolate milk while Ruka looked over Hotaru's

"This doesn't concern you Sana," Hotaru didn't look up from her

The others turned my way as I walked in, "An interesting group you've
gathered here tonight.  How did you bribe Ruka, hold his bunny

"Hardly.  We're going to rescue your sister and he can't wait to get
his hands on her."

"Th-that's not it.  I just want to hear what she knows about Natsume."

"How can a mission to rescue my sister not concern me when I'm the one
who's serving out her sentence here while she's out there enjoying a
roman holiday?"

"And just like in that movie, she will return here to her duties and
the entire episode will simply never have happened."

"What movie?"

"And you call yourself an actress.  Take a look at this," Hotaru
clicked on her mouse and a short video clip played on her computer.
It was some news reporter talking about something, but then Hotaru
froze the video and zoomed in on a fenced in and abandoned
construction site in the background.  The image was just a random
pattern of huge pixels, but Hotaru clicked on a button and the image
sharped until it showed me standing on the half completed building.

Wait, I hadn't been there so it must be Mikan.  "How did you get such
a clear picture out of so few pixels?"

"I write very good software.  Now this was taken just yesterday so if
we go tonight we should either find her or find evidence of where
she's gone.  I see that everybody's in school uniform.  Do you all
have your ID cards?  We'll be at the limits of the school's detection
range so if we get separated get to higher ground with a clear view to
the southwest."

"If we're escaping why do we want the school to track us?"

"We're not escaping," Sumire tossed her empty milk carton in Hotaru's
wastepaper basket, "We're just heading out to pick up your sister and
we'll be right back.  You really are as dumb as you look."

"And this is how we'll get there," Hotaru pointed at a streamlined car
sized vehicle that looked like an animal, down to its duck bill nose
and four webbed feet, "The Platypus Nine, supersonic VTOL transport."

"Why did you call it the Platypus Nine?"

"Because the Platypus Eight was a mp3 playing bathtub floatie.  I
downloaded a Sana's greatest hits songbook for it."

"That's piracy!"

"Want a copy?"


"Oh Sana," Babbit popped in, "What will your Mama say when she learns
that her daughter has started on a life of crime?"

"But I'm only stealing from myself."

"No excess Bat-tage please.  We're close enough to the weight limit
because of Sumire."

"I'm only heavier because I'm older and you've got an eating disorder.
I'm not fat."

"Okay, you three," Hotaru opened the door and slid the pilot's seat
forwards then pointed at me, Sumire and Anita, "Get in the back."

"All three of us in there?"

"What?  Are you too fat to fit?"

Sumire glared at Hotaru then wiggled in.  I followed and then Anita
and Hotaru slid her seat back as Ruka got in the other front seat.

The vehicle rose on its four feet and shuffled out onto a concrete
slab.  Then the four feet swiveled up and revealed jet engines, which
started.  We rose ten meters, then the jet feet tilted forwards and we
began to pick up speed.

"Transition to lifting body flight successful," Hotaru checked her
gages, "That's a good sign."

"A good sign?" I asked, "Haven't you tested this before?"

"I had to extrapolate from American Quad Tilt Rotor research, but
it'll be fine.  Now to build up some speed before attempting the


"It should be weakest near the top, I think."

We moved faster and faster as we circled out from Hotaru's workshop
then just before the fence we were pushed back in our seats as it did
a sharp turn and we soared towards the sky.

"The engines!  They're on fire!"

"That's the afterburners.  Don't you know anything?"  Sumire squeezed
my hand tightly.

"Sound barrier," Hotaru adjusted a control as a loud crack roared
around us, "And now the school barrier."

I felt something like a static charge all over my body as there was a
crackle and all of the lights inside the aircraft went out.  With a
jolt the jet engines went silent and the only noise was the wind
rushing outside as the horizon started to tilt towards us.

"They seem to have upgraded the barrier lately," I could dimly see
Hotaru fold down her front panel and start disconnecting circuits
inside, "Give me a moment here."


"Shut her up," Hotaru bit through two wires then connected them

Sumire clamped one hand over my mouth as she held on with the other
and Anita tickled me.

Hotaru slammed her control panel closed as the ground spiraled up at
us then hit a button and the lights came back on as did the jets,
accelerating us right towards the ground.

We were pushed back down into our seats again as the craft made a
sharp tilt up and came level less than a meter from a roadway.

"Truck!"  Ruka covered his eyes.

Hotaru swerved us to the left and then quickly snapped back right to
avoid another truck.

"Building!"  Ruka peeked for a moment then covered his eyes again.

"Yes?  What am I doing.  No need to stay low.  We want them to pick us
up on radar," We climbed above the skyline, "Transponder on.  Flight
KGB007 is live."

"How are they going to explain this to the air traffic controllers?"

"Would you leave Tokyo air traffic control in the hands of ordinary

A few minutes later the jet legs swiveled up again and we came down to
land in the construction site.

We got out and I shifted from foot to foot as I stretched my legs,
"How are we going to fit Mikan in there also?"

"I haven't decided yet.  Either we tie her up and toss her in the
trunk or she rides back on Ruka's lap."

Sumire walked over and looked down (well down one centimeter) at Hotaru.

"Actually the school will send somebody to come collect us all in a few
minutes so let's hurry and search."

"Are you sure this is where she was?"  Anita looked around.

"Yes, now they may have cleaned out yesterday or this might be a trap,
so be careful."

A dozen European soldiers with assault rifles stepped out of the shadows
and surrounded us.

"British special forces in full battle gear.  How did they get all that
through customs?"

"Don't be so calm about it,"  Sumire looked back and forth, but stayed

"If they were North Koreans I'd be worried, but these are allies.  I'm
sure they've got a very good reason for this."


"What?"  She looked over at the source of the voice.

"How's daddy's little princess doing?"  A short plump man with balding
red hair that had a turned a bit gray at the temples stepped past the
troops.  He wore a tweed suit and radiated joy.

"Who are you?"  Anita held a white card in each hand.

"I'm your father Jimmy.  It's me, Professor James King of Oxford.  You
don't remember me at all?"  The joy slipped from his face.

"Here, Mikan, show her this," Professor King took a black book from
his jacket and held it out towards me.

"Sure," Another girl in our school uniform stepped up, took the book
from his hand then tossed it to Anita, "Here you go," Then she stopped
and looked at me.

Everybody stopped, looked at her and then me.  She was my exact

Everybody that is, except for Anita, who was flipping through the
pages of that book.  It was a book of photographs.

I turned to my doppelganger, "You're Mikan, my twin sister, right?"

"Uh yes, why of course I am.  Who are you?"  Mikan seemed to shimmer
as she dodged a pair of shoes that passed over her head.

"You could have at least waited until we found out what other Alices
they had," Hotaru complained as Sumire leapt past her.

"Busy," Sumire had dog ears, cat's whiskers and dug her toe claws into
the concrete as she bounded forwards, "Now 'Mikan' just stand there
while I disembowel you please."

"What's going on here?"  I turned to Hotaru.

"Your real sister does not have a Tokyo accent with a bit of British
slang mixed in."

"Curse the complexities of your confounded language!"  Mikan sounded
like a man and vanished.

"Ruka, get help!"

He nodded to Hotaru, ran towards our vehicle then turned and ran
around a corner.  Two soldiers tried to follow him but rats dropped
from the ceiling onto their faces.

Sumire passed through the spot the fake Mikan had been in then dug the
claws of all four limbs into a wall and jumped back and she got
punched in the face.

"How well can you fight an invisible foe?"

"I've got other senses," Sumire struck in the direction of the unseen
man's voice but got punched again.

"None of those are as fast as light.  Ow!"

Sumire sunk her fangs into something unseen then got kicked back,
"Neither are you," She bounded after a trail of blood that appeared on
the ground.

The soldiers turned towards Sumire.

That was my cue.  I stepped forwards and swept out my arms, "Babbit
get them!"

Dozens of Babbits appeared and attacked the soldiers, "Coochie coochie
coo!"  "Coochie coochie coo!"  "Coochie coochie coo!"

Professor King said something in English.

Another Babbit appeared next to me, "Sana, run!  He said the bats are
an illusion, shoot Mikan."

"Now that's just silly.  You're not an illusion and I'm not Mikan."

There was a loud noise, a sharp pain in my gut and I slumped backwards
to the ground.  All of the Babbits vanished.

"Sana!"  Hotaru ran towards me, but she was shot in the thigh and fell

"Sana?"  Anita looked towards me and dropped the book.  Her face
became paler than usual and her freckles stood in sharp relief.  She
turned towards the soldiers, "You, you..."  She said some more, but it
wasn't in English or Japanese.  Whatever it was it didn't sound very
nice at all.  Only Professor King seemed to understand it and it made
his face turn paler.  Then she started throwing cards at them.

Two of the soldiers fell and the rest turned to Professor King who said
something else in English.

Where was Babbit when I needed him to translate?  And then I saw Babbit as
a pattern on Anita's panties as she rolled into a handstand then continued
to launch cards at the enemy.  You go get them Babbit.

One of the soldiers tossed a grenade at Anita.  She cut it in half with a
card but it released a cloud of gas around her.  She dropped to the floor
and all of the cards she had in midair slowed down and fluttered.

Sumire leapt into the cloud and jumped out with Anita in her arms but then
fell forwards into Ruka's arms.  Behind Ruka was a black bear, two deer, a
half dozen monkeys, a few dozen squirrels and rats and a lot of birds.

He looked at me and his face dropped then he turned to the soldiers, "Kill
them," He dragged the two girls around the corner.

The soldiers turned their guns on the larger animals, but just barely
managed to drag their wounded away from the berserk horde of smaller

As the sounds of their struggles faded off in the distance a silver
hemisphere blinked into existence on the ground then vanished, leaving
behind a half dozen highschool students from the Academy.

"Sana!"  Tazusa ran up to me and dropped to her knees, "Are you still

"Yes, I'm," I coughed, "Fine."

Tazusa sat down next to me, cradled my head in her lap and removed her
anti-Alice bracelet, "Don't worry Sana, I'm here for you, dead or alive."

"But I can't die yet, I'm too young and too pretty."

As I faded off I could hear Hotaru arguing with one of the highschool boys.

"No!  Don't touch me!  Save Sana first.  Please."

"Sorry little sister, but I have my orders.  And if we lose you I'll have
to write to our parents and I really don't know what to say to them."

Next chapter: Firewalking in the dark.

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