[FFML] (C&C) [NGE]A Question of Accuracy

Mike Ching wavehawk.geo at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 3 20:52:48 PDT 2008

First off, I apologize for reprinting ELL's fic in my response. Didn't realize I'd copied the whole mail (I get this in Digest form) when I sent the reply off. Sorry.

From: "Miashara"
> <miashara at deepfriedpuppies.com>
>>That...isn't the 'bubo' you meant, is it?
>##Actually it is exactly the bubo I meant.

(winces) That was a bit more descriptive than I thought.

>##It's both unnecessary and needlessly expensive
>to have every wire in the Geofront fiberoptic. 

I thought fiberoptic cable was actually cheaper than copper wire?

>##How's that for a justification? If that doesn't
>work for you, I can probably BS up another.

Or, it could be easier to say that the copper wire was stuff left over from older generations, not worth replacing. Sort of like how most of the water and sewage system in Manila dates back to the Spanish period.

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