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>I think I've almost got a handle on this and
>there are far worse premises,

Oh, I think I've thought of a million far worse premises. I've just been sane enough not to start writing them down. ^_^

>"What is it, do you smell something?"  Ranma
>looked around and heard the
>scrape of hooves on ice and then she saw a 
>group of large antlered beasts
>drawing near and behind them they pulled a 
>much larger sledge and from its
>mast flew the Jolly Roger.

Ho Ho Ho...yarrrrr...

>"We're sunk!  It's the Pirates of the

You know, this could actually work. Make it a parody of every blockbuster movie that's been out in the past 5 years, kind of like those "Scary Movie" sequels, except for the fact that your fics will actually be FUNNY.

Seriously, if you have any talent at written comedy (i.e. of the Douglas Adams variety), this idea could really take off.

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