[FFML] Ranma OL

Henry Cobb henry.cobb at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 01:33:48 PDT 2008

Thanks all.

I think I've almost got a handle on this and there are far worse premises,
such as:

The Earth, but not as a blue marble.  Instead it was mostly white.
Icebergs floated off the Philippines and further north the Pacific was
frozen solid.

In the vast frozen wilderness that used to be the Sea of Japan a lonely
dogsled paused on it's journey east.  The black and white dogs that have
pulled it so far took a few moments rest, for they knew that their driver
would push on again soon, driven by a desperate urgency.  It was not that
some of the dogs where white and some are black, but that each one was half
covered with white fur and half covered with black fur.

The sled driver lifted back the hood of her parka and revealed her vivid
red hair tied back in a single pigtail.  She squinted her eyes against the
blowing snow and looked up at the cloudy sky, then satisfied that her
course was correct she took one moment to wish for a single kettle of hot
water in vain.

Nabiki's voice echoed in her memory, "This is all your fault Ranma.  They
said that the great climate shift was caused by people wasting energy and
you were always taking those hot baths."

The driver looked down at her only non-canine companion, "Well it could be
worse.  I could be like you P-chan."

"Bwee!"  Ryouga complained, but did not struggle.  They both knew that
Ranma's cleavage was the only warm spot in a hundred kilometers.

"Come on, let's get these rare herbs from Korea back for Akane and then we
can both sneak a hot bath."


"What is it, do you smell something?"  Ranma looked around and heard the
scrape of hooves on ice and then she saw a group of large antlered beasts
drawing near and behind them they pulled a much larger sledge and from its
mast flew the Jolly Roger.

"We're sunk!  It's the Pirates of the Caribou."


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