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>> Clef froze in place when he heard the man's dying scream. He then
>> bowed his head and sighed. *Zagato...*

> Er, even if he was unwilling to reveal his master's location,
> they could have wringed some other info out of him before
> killing him ^^;; Like, where he got the poison, for instance,
> and if there were others in his group.

I thought it was clear that Zagato killed the man out of anger, without

>> When Zagato finally caught up, Clef
>> shot him a look of admonishment. "Was it absolutely necessary to kill
>> that man?"

> This one wasn't Outlook's fault. I caught it in the RTF file too.

Huh. It's not showing up in the working copy, so it must be in the export
copy this time.

(For those who don't see these things as they develop, let me explain:

Because I am severely visually impaired, I read and write at 20 point bolded
Courier in Wordpad. It's the only font size I can comfortably read at
length. When I've got something ready to be beta-read/posted, I create a
second copy of the RTF file, reformatted to 12-point Times New Roman. From
THAT file, I export to Outlook for mailing to the FFML.

Occasionally, odd line breaks form in the transition process, usually the
fault of Outlook. None of these line breaks exist in my original 20-point
Courier RTF document, or in the eventual HTML exports which I format rather
more carefully.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled C&C reply, already in

> Idle thought: Zagato's references to "analyzing" stuff make
> me consider whether Cephiro has any sort of scientific
> culture. Beyond Middle-Age farming technology and
> whatnot, I mean. Given the world's inclination towards
> magic, I keep thinking of a squad of wizards gathered
> around all this evidence and trying to conjure out clues from it.

Heh! That's basically what it amounts to. Clef and Zagato are the two most
powerful mages in Cephiro, they can easily analyze things like this.

>> "Hikaru-san, please do not do this to yourself."
>> "Yeah! Maybe Clef isn't as smart as he thinks he is!"

> For one thing, he's completely unfamiliar with Earth magic :P


> Well... it does raise the question: what about all the other
> people/animals who fell in the spring?

OK, I'm going to sort of break flow here and explain my rationale for this
happening to Hikaru and nobody else:

Keep in mind that Hikaru has EXCEPTIONALLY strong willpower--strong enough
that she became the Pillar of Cephiro at the end of MKR2. My working theory
(ie, the basis for the bullshit that drives this fic :P) is that Hikaru's
strength of will is the reason she alone became a "trapped-ghost" in

Now, that logic doesn't completely explain why it took 1500 years for her to
emerge in a Nyanniichuan victim--I'm still working on the bullshit for that.
:P But by the same logic, the reason her problem is as severe as it is, is
because it's Ranma she emerged in--possibly the only victim of Nyanniichuan
whose strength of will is stronger than Hikaru's.

>> The four of them stood lost in their own thoughts for a time.

> Good thing Ryouga wasn't present. He'd have ended up in
> Shampoo's thoughts somehow.

"Aiyah! Pig-boy get out of Shampoo head!"

"But it's so roomy in here!"

> "Who might thou be, to enter my abode without
> permission?" asked a giant wolf seemingly made of fire.

> "Uh, I'm just a guy from another world...?"

*SNRK* Ryouga probably WOULD end up there without knowing it....

>> *SNAP-THWIP!* Something tied itself around Ryouga's ankle, and before
>> he knew what was happening, his feet were yanked out from under him,
>> and the world was suddenly upside down.

> ...and his bladder gave out.

Whereupon his name changed from "P-chan" to "I. P. Freely".

> Oh, she's going to have FUN with those daydreams when
> she finds out he transforms into a small, edible, piglet...


> I only have experience with the Mexdub, so... is Ferio really > that

Not even remotely. He's faking it to keep up his "I'm a prince" schtick. :)

>> "Hey, y'heard? Them Magic Knight gals're back."

> ...and, having since watched _other_ characters with Kansai > dialect, I'm
suddenly seeing the role of Caldina played by
> Osaka.

> X_x

That would be...very, very weird. @_@

>> The latter was hovering on a jagged chunk of rock which had numerous
>> small pebbles rotating around it.

> Aaa, I see that the divergent timeline got to him too. Is he
> his usual, pre-MKR2 self, or did Umi and Fuu's terrible
> experience (and Hikaru's death) affect him somehow?

He's a lot less changed than he was in the canon. Just assume that he got
his attitude adjustment, but didn't develop his crush on Umi and didn't grow
into a tree-boy.

>> Some time had passed, and more to have anything better to do than sit
>> around brooding, the Magic Knights and the group from Nerima

> They need a group name. Something like "The Property
> Destroyers."

Well, the proper fanon term is "The Nerima Wrecking Crew", but I'd rather
not use that in narrative. ^_^

> *whips out Pokedex*

> [Mokona: An insufferably cute Bag of Holding with a
> mysterious secret. Do not feed after midnight. Its natural
> enemy is blue-haired fairies, and it likes to nest in the
> bosom of young girls.]


> All things considered (as in, that being female-Ranma
> nuzzling Mokona)...

> @_@


>> Mokona glanced up at the source of the voice. "Pupuu?" Hopping out of
>> Hikaru's arms, Mokona examined Ranma's floating projection, then

> ate it.

You know? I almost DID actually do that.

>> Akane laughed. "I think he likes you, Umi."

> I still say Mokona's a "she" :P

Someone's forgetting the skirt incident. :P

>> After over an hour of study, he'd finally completed his analysis of
>> the poison the traitor had used, and it was not pleasant.

> "Aaargh! I never understood chemistry. Now, alchemy,
> that's more my style."

Ironic comment!

>> Dark eyes alight with anger and the promise of vengeance, High Priest
>> Zagato strode purposefully down the corridor, ready to begin an
>> entirely new war for his beloved.

> o.o

> Scary.

Ain't it though?

>> Zagato shook his head. "I'm afraid the responsibility for ending this
>> lies with our army. We must search the whole of Cephiro, and destroy
>> every document bearing the Marquis' seal. And, if necessary, arrest
>> those possessing them."

> Is there even an army, though? Cephiro's "peace" with the
> Neighboring Countries is maintained by the Pillar's ability to > keep
invading forces at bay, and what little armed forces
> there are belong to the Royal Guard. I see how there could > be some minor
force to patrol the land for dangerous
> monsters, but a bona fide army?

Well, by "army" that's pretty much exactly what he means.

In other words, they lack the necessary force to really patrol ALL of

> (You do know, having learned his identity beforehand, I
> thought that the "blood-red gemstone" was SOMETHING
> ELSE entirely.)


> ...somehow, his speech reminded me of the one Vayne
> gave at the beginning of FF12.

Stock Imperial Rallying Speech #427.

>> "Blauer Schlag," the dark figure intoned.

> Translation plz ^^

"Blue Strike". The Black Magic Knights' spells will all be in German. Is
there significance to this? Only the Shadow knows...

> To be fair, it's not as if Fahren's ninja were anything but
> faceless mooks.

This is true.

>> "Grünes Vakuum."

> Traducción, porfa ^^

"Green Vacuum".

> Oooooooooooh, I wanna see how one of those reacts to the > still-ongoing
Pillar System. :P Especially since an innocent
> party suffered dearly because of it.

Oh yeah, Lantis is gonna have a lot to say about things.

> Will part 3 go the way of the original, and imbue everyone
> with magic? I dunno if you have anything special planned,
> but I feel it'd be more fun to let one or two of the NWC tear > things up
naturally by their own means, kinda like Ferio,
> Caldina, or Lafarga.

Well, they'll be given magic and weapons, but...well...they ARE the NWC.
They'll more or less rely on their own strengths.

Thanks for the C&C!

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