[FFML] Point of View, Chapter One [EVA,Lemon]

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Point of View Chapter One:  Fortunes
By Bolivar Q. Shagnasty and The Composer

Misato looked over the strange control panel before her.  Inquisitively,
she glanced at Ritsuko to her side.  "You sure this will work?"

Ritsuko gave that confident smirk of hers to Misato.  "Most likely. 
This will work like the dummy plug system, but with a NERV officer in
direct control."

Misato turned back and adjusted the strange helmet on her head.  "If
this does anything to my hair..."

Minutes of unclear testing later, the buzzer sounded, Ritsuko called the
test to an end.

Shinji felt the strange liquid drain around him, his eyes unblinking as
he felt a familiar swoosh, the hatch on the entry tube opening and
allowing him to exit.  Slowly, the boy crawled out of his seat and out
of the hatch onto the platform in front of the usual awaiting recovery
crew.  Misato stood there, as always, arms crossed, her face written
with an expression that meant business, but the expression slowly faded
to her more casual expression.

Shinji looked up at his guardian and simply said in a tired voice "Can
we just go home?"   Misato pursed her lips together and just nodded and
started to walk with him down the hallway to the Pilot's room(locker

"Just think, Shinji, a few more tests and we may have the remote
piloting system up." Misato said in an attempt to make his boredom look

Shinji just sighed and unclipped the neural clips from his hair... a
slight jolt shot from the left one.  "Ow," Shinji said, shaking his

Misato turned to the boy.  "Something wrong?"

"It's nothing... this clip just shocked me..." Shinji said.  Misato held
her hand out, not even having to say anything.  Slowly, Shinji reached
his hand over and placed the faulty clip in her hand, another jolt shot
through them both. 

"Ow!" Misato squeaked, shaking her slightly numb hand.  

I have to talk to Ritsuko about these..." Misato mused, putting the
defective clip in her jacket pocket.  "Now hurry up and change,
alright?  You want to enjoy a night without Asuka, riiiight?" Misato
said with a bit of a teasing inflection in her voice.  Shinji blushed
slightly and wordlesssly walked into the room to change.

Minutes later Shinji emerged, dressed in his usual school attire.  'Just
like a good little schoolboy' Misato thought to herself, slightly
disappointed that Shinji lacked a rebellious streak.


Shinji felt exhausted, so much that the upholstery of Misato's passenger
seat nearly felt comfortable, his usual sense of caution overridden by
his mental fatigue.    Misato gunned the engine, and pointed the car
towards home.  Shinji's eyelids drooped nearly closed, and Misato
joggled his elbow.  "Don't fall asleep here, because I'm not carrying
you to bed."

The sound of the brakes screeching and the tug of his body against the
seatbelt jolted Shinji back to wakefulness.  He remembered again a
long-learned lesson: never fall asleep when Misato is driving.  
Shocked, Shinji turned to his legal guardian, who merely grinned and
pointed out the passenger window.  Shinji slowly turned his head and
peered out the window to see a Chinese take-out place.  "M..Misato-san?"
Shinji asked, questioningly.   

"It'll be impossible for me to park close this time of night, so I'll
just circle around the block, okay?" Misato asked, not giving Shinji
much of a choice.  The boy exited the vehicle when he realized one
important detail.

"Wait!"  He leaned down to the window.  "What about money?"  

Behind the window, Misato merely waved, and stepped on the gas.

Shinji sighed, and trudged into the restaurant.

The teenager behind the counter looked up as the bell over the door
rang.  "You're lucky today;  we close in five minutes.  What can I get

"Dinner Number Three, two extra egg rolls, I guess."  Shinji opened his
wallet.  "Yeah, I got enough for that."

"Ten minutes, unless you want delivery."

"Can't afford delivery, and anyway, my ride'll be back before then."

"We got some special fortune cookies today.  Twice the size, twice the
fortune.  Fifty extra yen?"

"Why not?"  Shinji shrugged, and dropped another coin on the counter.


Misato drummed her fingers on the steering wheel.  She'd circled the
block three times, each time stopping for two minutes outside the
restaurant.  Finally, Shinji emerged, a paper bag in his hands.

He climbed into the car, setting the paper bag on the floor.  "You owe
me 1380 yen."

"Fine, whatever.  Let's go, I'm starved."

Shinji barely had time to secure himself in the car when the car
lurched.  He gave Misato a glare, but was uncertain that she even
noticed, let alone cared.  The side of her lip was showing the beginning
of a grin.

The two sat in silence right up to Misato pulled her car into it's usual
parking spot.   The two wordlessly trudged up the stairs, Misato
actually opening the door first for Shinji.   'Probably because I'm
carrying the food' Shinji thought with a slightly bitter tone in his

Misato made a straight beeline to the kitchen and quickly grabbed a
beer, 'the first of many' both thought.

"Shouldn't that wait until after dinner?"

Misato shrugged.  "Why wait for a good thing?"

"Because it's gonna hit you hard on an empty stomach."


"So you won't be able to drink as many."  Shinji grinned.  "We both know
you're gonna drink a lot more of them."

Misato considered this, then asked, "Are you calling me a drunk?"


Misato furrowed her brow, the left one twitching as she grumbled the
words "Just put the food on the table and get your drink."

Shinji did as he was told, choosing to not fight this battle. 

Misato sat across from Shinji and greedily opened the bag.  Shinji
sipped his water as he watched Misato take her favorites.  What was left
in the brown paper bag was obviously for Shinji, at least as soon as he
was sure it was safe to make a grab for the bag.

Not much was left, something Shinji accounted for when ordering.  A
quick snap of the chopsticks and Shinji started to eat.   

Misato looked up from her box of food briefly and looked at her ward.  
"What's the matter?  Miss Asuka?"  Misato asked slyly between bites.   

Shinji sputtered, nearly chocking on an egg roll.

Misato laughed.  "It's so easy to embarrass you!"

"She'll be back tomorrow, to make me miserable." 

Shinji scowled at his food.  "Not like she's gone forever."

Misato sighed at the boy's reaction, more like a 5 year old than a
teenager's.   "I've seen the way you look at her," Misato answered

"What?"  Shinji protested.  "I don't love her or...!" 

"Who said anything about love. Shinji?" Misato cut him off, grinning. 
"I know lust when I see it."

"Yeah, as if Asuka would let me--"  He broke off when he realized what
he was saying.

"Thought so."  Misato nodded sagely.  Which on her looked silly.  "Trust
me, Shinji, there's nothing wrong with such thoughts.  It's actions that

Shinji stared morosely at his food.

Apparently tiring with the silence, Misato added, "Of course, you're
getting no action, so..."  She drained her beer.

Misato looked at the empty can and sighed herself.  She looked at
Shinji, so introverted, silent, and couldn't help but remember her own
wasted adolescence.  If she prodded him the right way, she thought, then
quickly dismissed it.  

"Shinji, try to live once in a while, alright?  Your teenage years
shouldn't be wasted."

"What, you're saying I should... with Asuka?"  Shinji stuttered, eyes

Misato dismissively waved her hand as she walked to the fridge. 
"Asuka... Rei... hell, maybe even Hikari."

Shinji blushed as red as a tomato, something Misato couldn't miss.

"Of course, remember that they can say no.  And probably will."  Misato
popped the top on her beer can.  "But your problem is you never ask.  If
you don't ask, they don't even need to say no."

Shinji shook his head, trying to dismiss the idea.   'Sounds like
something Touji'd suggest' Shinji thought to himself.  "Misato-san," he
started, "What about being a grown up?  Are those years not as good?"

"Are you crazy?  Jobs, responsibility, duty...who needs the hassles?" 
Misato grinned.  "I'd give my left tit to be your age again."

Shinji blushed at his guardian's language and reached for one of the
large fortune cookies.

Misato leaned over to grab the second cookie, giving him an eyeful of
her cleavage.  Inadvertent?  With her, who could tell?  "Hmm, perhaps we
both need a good fortune, hm?" Misato said with a wink.

The two crunched the hard cookies together.   Shinji pulled the thin
strip of paper out of the remnants and read them.  Confused, he read
them again.  "Worst 100 yen I spent"

Misato looked at her own, puzzled.  "Really? What's yours say?  Mine
doesn't make a lick of sense"

Shinji held his out for Misato to see.  Misato couldn't help but laugh. 
"Looks like we got duplicates, Shinji!"  Misato snickered.   "You will
both awaken to a new point of view"


The music from the SDat faded as the disc reached the end, and paused to
rewind.  Shinji barely noticed, being deep asleep.  But instead of the
music, he distantly heard the sound of running water, as though a
bathtub were filling.

Shinji stood up, and found himself in a cavernous shower, each drop of
water seemed to create it's own tidal wave.   Shinji immediately
struggled to keep afloat, fighting against the torrent of water.

Shinji struggled to shore, the tub more like an ocean than anything
else.   The shore felt soft... flesh like.  Looking up, he saw he landed
on  Misato's left breast.  The nipple was almost as big as he was;  he
was no larger than an insect!

The large Misato looked down at Shinji and grinned.  "Like what you
see?" her voice echoed.  Shinji collasped, hands clasped on his ears.

He could feel the 'shore' slanting, and knew Misato was standing up in
the tub.  Helplessly, he slid off the wet skin and slashed into the
bathwater.  A quick glimpse up showed Misato towering above him,
grinning as she pulled the drain.

Shinji spun in the drain, thrashing and fighting against the current as
he was pulled down into the dark pipe.  Seconds later, the pipe
illuminated with a bright red glow... an entry plug!   Frantically,
Shinji clamoured to the seat and struggled to work the controls.   a
loud BUZZ filled the tube, like a gameshow.   The plug ejected and the
hatch opened.  Shinji peered out of the light and only saw Doctor Akagi
and that teenager from the chinese restaurant, both pulling him out of
the tube. 

Shinji struggled and kicked, not wanting to leave the only thing that
seemed familiar, as twisted as it sounded.   Ritsuko injected something
into Shinji's arm.  "My my, I'm sorry, but that one isn't for you
anymore.  Wearily, Shinji looked at what the tube just ejected from and
saw a larger version of himself, eyes staring blankly ahead.   "Your
unit is here..." Ritsuko continued as she dragged Shinji to another plug
and kicked him into it.

The hatch closed, Shinji weakly stood, unsure of what was to happen.  
He felt a familiar rumble as the tube twisted, inserting itself into
it's unit.  As the red lines turned on and information started to
filter, a bright light filled Shinji's vision.   


Shinji's eyes snapped open in shock, the vivid and surreal imagery from
that wild dream played over and over through his brain.  Groggily,
Shinji slowly sat up, and couldn't help but feel a sense of wrongness. 
Everything felt off, different, wrong, but his mind felt cloudy,
sluggish as well.   A small stumble came as Shinji tried to stand, and
that's when he realized he was in the wrong room.

The room was a pigsty, a clutter of beer cans and bottles, old
magazines and clothes strewn about.  However, a mess as unique as this
one was easily recognizable to Shinji.   'I'm in Misato's room!' Shinji
thought in shock, slowly backing out of the room.

"Why did I fall asleep in here?  Where's Misato-san?"  The teenager
still wasn't firing on all cylinders.  He stumbled a bit, and managed to
get out of the bedroom.

The floor seemed to sway and shift, reminding Shinji of the time when he
was on that aircraft carrier, the seasickness.  Shinji quicky grabbed
the wall for support.   

He noted the foul yeast-like taste in his mouth;  perhaps some of the
Chinese food had been off?  He staggered into the bathroom, intent on
finding his toothbrush.

THe door pushed open, the sound of the hinges squeaking brought the
throbbing pain in the front of his head upfront.  "Got to oil that..."
Shinji noted, yet another chore on the long list.  A few more steps, the
feeling of cold tile against his bare feet shivered his spine as he made
his way to the sink.  A hand groped from his blue toothbrush and he
grabbed the tube of toothpaste, gently applying a single pea sized dot. 
A few turns of the faucet and the water rushed into the basin, another
sound that didn't help Shinji's cranial pains.

He raised the toothbrush to his mouth...and paused.  A lock of hair had
drifted into view.

It was not his hair.  His hair was not nearly that long.  He grabbed the
lock and tugged gently, confirming that it was attached to his scalp.

"Wha...."  He glanced up at the mirror.

Misato's face stared back at him, wearing the same stunned expression.

There was a crash from the direction of his bedroom, and he heard his
own voice.

"What's going on?  Angel attack?  Where's my--where the heck am I?"

He turned, to see...himself?...stumbling into the bathroom.  Unlike
himself, the other boy (only boy?) was wide awake, but no less shocked.

"Wha... You.. me?" Shinji's doppelganger said, simply pointing back and
forth.  Shinji shook his head.  "What's going on?  I don't like this
dream anymore..."

His not-quite-double scowled at him.  "I don't know why you're
impersonating me, or who you really are, but--"

"Impersonating--You're Misato?"

"Of course."  The boy's scowl deepened.

Shinji's doppelganger seemed to pause a moment, taking in the
situation.  The double then looked down at himself, and gave a small
grin, patting his chest, hips, then crotch.  "I knew I felt something
hard against my thigh."

Shinji wordlessly stepped away from the mirror, then pointed at it.

"M..Misato?" Shinji repeated, the feeling of fear, and possibly bile,
building up in the back of his threat.  Concentration seemed to hurt
like nothing else, details of the night before were hard to recall.  
Reflexivly, Shinji grabbed his forehead and narrowed his eyes.  "I
remember a test at NERV...  and Chinese food?"

His double - who seemed to be Misato, somehow - looked him up and down,
and sighed.  "Okay.  First things first.  Take two Tylenol, wash 'em
down with lots of water."  He turned and walked out of the bathroom. 
"I'll start the coffee."

Shinji opened the medicine cabinet and began rummaging for the Tylenol. 

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