[FFML] [ADMIN] Email issue

Dennis Carr dennisthetiger at chez-vrolet.net
Wed Dec 31 07:36:04 PST 2008

On Tue, 30 Dec 2008 19:58:12 -0800
Dennis Carr <dennisthetiger at chez-vrolet.net> wrote:

> Just got word from the guy running the rack.  Apparently, one of the
> controlling systems that provide a required service wigged out, and
> many machines stopped talking and accepting mail from here.  That
> should be fixed by the time you can read this.

Addendum to this last message - it looks like most of the messages to
rr.com (Road Runner internet) and comcast.net (Comcast) were affected.
There were others, but the domain names slip my mind.  To the best of
my ability to tell, nobody had been suspended as a result of this - but
I'll review the messages and make sure that this is the case.


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