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Nicolas BRICHE nbriche at free.fr
Wed Dec 31 00:32:25 PST 2008


Alanna a écrit :
> Hello.  Long time lurker with a question.  What types of
> fadoms are allowed on this list? I know Anime for sure, but I've also
> seen Harry Potter fic turn up.  What others are allowed? 

The answer is in the FAQ:


   You can post stories, of course; C&C on posted stories is also very
   welcome, and posting well-thought out story ideas is permissible.
   Also, where to find background and character information and questions
   and answers about the same. Email people directly when answering a
   simple question, and don't forget to remind people to email you
   directly when answering your question. Posting requests for fics to
   the list is strongly discouraged; see "How can I find a fanfic that
   I'm looking for?" below.

   The FFML was originally intended for stories that are directly related
   to existing anime or manga.  Recently the scope of allowed fanfic
   genres has widened considerably.  After careful discussions by the
   moderators, here is a listing of the new genres allowable.

   Comics: DC, Marvel, independent publishers, Heavy Metal, etc.
   But not Archie comics (see below).

   Sci-fi/Fantasy material (literary, television, movie): Star Wars, Star
   Trek, Doctor Who, Buffy, Xena, Harry Potter, and like genres are all
   permitted... but not things like Desperate Housewives, Magnum PI,
   Titanic, etc.

   Video games: some sort of sci-fi/anime/fantasy element is required.
   Final Fantasy has always been permitted. Resident Evil would qualify.
   Legend of Zelda, sure. Pac Man, Frogger, and the like, no.

   Non-Japanese animation: probably permitted if it has SF/fantasy

   Formerly allowed and still allowed: matter relating to the broader
   spectrum of Japanese culture, such as things deriving from Japanese
   fighting games and the like.  Thus, things like Sonic, Final Fantasy,
   Street Fighter, and the like are okay, as are stories based on
   American-drawn manga such as Gold Digger and Ninja High School,

   There are a number of authors who have been quite definite about not
   allowing fanfiction of their works, so those are banned. Included in
   this list are anything by:

   P.N. Elrod
   Raymond Feist
   Terry Goodkind
   Laurell K. Hamilton
   Robin Hobb
   Dennis L. McKiernan
   Robin McKinley
   Irene Radford
   Anne Rice
   Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
   Archie comics
   Mercedes Lackey
   Marion Zimmer Bradley
   David Weber
   Terry Pratchett
   Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

   DC and Marvel lemons are not allowed. This is being extended to any
   story using those characters, even if it's a crossover and the lemon
   elements don't involve the licensed characters.

   If you are in doubt, ask the moderators privately by emailing to
   <ffml-owner at chez-vrolet.net> rather than posting the question to the

   This mailing list is mostly for stories not yet on
   rec.arts.anime.creative, although there are exceptions such as if
   it's not available via ftp anywhere or if the general consensus on
   the list is to post it. Also, if you're posting the next part of a
   series that has never been seen on the list before, post the previous
   parts unless they're really big.

   Please be judicious about reposting chapters that have already been on
   the list. It's not necessary to post all previous sections of a story
   along with a new one that you've just completed; most of the people
   who are interested in your story probably already have the back
   chapters, and for those who don't, WWW or FTP addresses can be
   included in the current chapter, or you can offer to send them
   privately upon request. If you do feel that a repost is called for, we
   advise at least a day or two's wait between each sizable section so as
   not to overwhelm readers.

   Do not cross-post to the FFML and the rec.arts.anime.creative e-mail
   submission address using a single post.  Send two separate posts
   instead, one to the FFML and one to RAAC.  See the 'VERY VERY
   IMPORTANT NOTES' section of the FAQ for more details.

   If you've just arrived on the list, be advised that there's no need
   to introduce yourself; if everyone did it, there wouldn't be much
   room for anything else. If you feel the need to introduce yourself,
   it is suggested that you do so as a preface to a fanfic or a bit of

   When you reply to an FFML posting, please be aware that the new list
   has limits on how much you can quote from a previous poster:

   - No more than 20 consecutive lines may be quoted.
   - No more than 50% of the message may be quoted.
   - The above limits aren't enforced on short messages under 20 lines

   A message which exceeds these limits will be referred to the admins
   for clearance rather than being posted to the list immediately or
   disappearing into oblivion.

   Please don't "top post" in your replies; the standard Usenet/mailing
   list posting conventions of putting newer text below the text it
   replies to, either at the bottom of the message or interspersed within
   the message, is much clearer about who said what about what when long,
   complex replies from multiple respondents are involved.


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