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Okay, so here's the deal. To make a long story short, I made this long story short. I've rewritten Shonen and have quite a bit of it in the cutting room floor. The first few 17 chapters have been 'modified', so to speak, and I'll be releasing the last six chapters plus epilogue to the FFML for the next few months. Stay tuned for further developments.


"Taka... kun?" Kurama whispered the words in astonishment, awestruck by
the gravity of their meaning. "Taka-kun; so that's what Asuka-san called
him before. She has spoken to him through me." 

Yoshitaka Tetsuma's death was a difficult inevitability for Kurama to
accept, but he understood its necessity. Tetsuma, the original catalyst
of his journey towards self-discovery, had served his purpose. As a
reward for the former shinigami's determined and obedient service,
Kurama granted him his two greatest wishes: eternal peace and Asuka's

'It'll be my pleasure to give back to Asuka-san what I've stolen from
her. It's about time she enjoyed the life I myself have come to love,'
Kurama thought as he stared straight into the dark and empty space
Tetsuma occupied just a minute ago. 'It'll be all right. Your death
won't be in vain, Taka-kun.'

Something bothered Kurama. It was a disturbed, uneasy feeling that kept
him on edge. What was the cause of this anxiety? Could it be the
realization that he was now alone in an unknown world? A world that lay
between the Spirit World and the Human World, no less. 'I didn't even
notice it before, but where exactly am I? This place seems a lot like
Itsuki's pocket dimension, come to think of it.'

Peering sightlessly into the dark abyss of nothingness, something caught
the former Makai thief's eye. He saw silhouettes; long, thin silhouettes
that danced to the rhythm of an unseen wind. A rain of jade slivers
danced with them, bathing them in opulence.

Kurama's eyes became large emerald saucers of bewilderment. 'Those
are... bamboo stalks! There are bamboo stalks growing from where Taka-
kun stood. But what are they doing here? What's going on?'

An image of Tetsuma's poker face appeared in Kurama's mind. The shadow
man's familiar purplish eyes seemed to twinkle at the kitsune in
uncharacteristic mischief. 'Taka-kun's eyes always did bother me. They
kept reminding me of something; something which I just can't put my
finger on.'

Then came a flicker of light from a luminous jewel that swayed along the 
emptiness. It rested on the thin branches of a bamboo tree; a crimson
gemstone encased in the silver locket of a pendant that swung back and
forth like the glinting blade of a guillotine.

The dance of the red pendulum hypnotized the half-youko, beckoning his 
wistfulness for bygone times to emerge in his mind. The scene replayed
itself painfully. The loss was stupid; the irony of it all lay in its
foolishness and needlessness.

Then came the gentle tinkling, like a little bell; chiming echoes from
centuries past in a far, far away world.

His partner's smiling face casually glanced back at the necklace he
accidentally dropped. He couldn't be stopped. That piece of jewelry
meant a lot to him. He promised that he would come back; all that for
a simple pendant which he always wore a certain way. He was always so 
headstrong. He always went about things in a straightforward manner.

This... his effort to always be true to himself... led to his own

Bamboo shoots shot up as Kuronue was helplessly caught in the elaborate 
deathtrap. Blood dripped mercilessly on the ground; an unwanted blood
offering. He still clasped the jewel with his right hand in an iron 
grip. It gently swayed in the wind. 

It swayed back and forth, glinting... like a flying guillotine. 

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