[FFML] [Ranma] Easier Said Than Done pt. 2

Ray Gatski darkpikachu99 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 11 10:50:00 PST 2008

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>Yes, Ryoga's insecurities are still there,
>but they don't amount to much with the way Akane is throwing herself
>at him.

Akane's on the rebound, she may be a tad desperate at first and may not have considered all of her options when she decided to get back into the dating scene, as Ryoga will discover.

>lost for weeks on end is going to make any relationship difficult. 

There was a throwaway line in chapter one which said Ryoga had "brain surgery" to fix his sense of direction.  It's a cheap literary tool, but I'm tired of Ryoga/Akane fics (what few there are) that tend to get bogged down in Ryoga's curse and sense of direction.  The curse will be dealt with later in more detail and consequneces.

> Rather than just see them succeed, I'd rather see them have to
>overcome problems in order to succeed, 

They haven't really "succeeded" yet.  Akane's more emotionally fragile than she's letting on, and Ryoga, who is pretty slow-witted at times, will soon get to experience the joys of dealing with a girlfriend who's not all there at the moment.


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