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Easier Said Than Done, Chapter 2:  Saying And Doing 
Dark Pikachu 
Ryoga Hibiki was pretty sure that the last four hours with Akane Tendo had constituted a date. At least, he was reasonably sure it was a date. Akane had called it as much when she asked him to dinner and a movie (even kissing him on the cheek!), but there was still a nagging doubt in the back of his mind, the end product of almost 22 years of continuous failure and misery in life (none of it Ryoga's fault, of course).
Not that this was the first time they had gone to dinner together or went to a movie, far from it. They had seen plenty of movies together in the last three months since Akane's divorce, when Ryoga had unwittingly settled into the role of platonic best guy friend. But it was the first time they had gone to a formal restaurant for dinner, rather than simply wolfing down fast food on their way to or from night classes or work or gotten take-out from the Cat Cafe. 
It was also the first time that Akane had let Ryoga pay for everything on his own, rather than insist, as she usually did, on splitting everything down the middle. Granted, that had actually been one of the few positive aspects of dining as friends, his wallet hadn't taken as big a hit as it did tonight.
The movie had been more of the same, different from their usual routines when seeing a film. They usually sat next together, Akane focused on the film while Ryoga focused on how badly he wanted to put his arm around her. But tonight, as they watched some romantic comedy where the male leads were portrayed as buffoons who finally got their acts together and got the girl, Akane had actually snuggled up to him, resting her head on his shoulder as the credits ran. Ryoga didn't remember much about the movie after that, save for the general plot.
All of which brought Ryoga to the present, standing in front of Akane's apartment building and wondering how to end the night.
"So..." Akane started.
"So..." Ryoga repeated, not really sure what he should do next. 
She looked into his eyes expectantly. "I had a really nice time tonight, Ryoga. Thank you."
"I had a nice time as well, thank you for asking me, Akane."
She chuckled, "Well, somebody had to." She still had that same expectant look in her eyes.
'Does she want me to kiss her? Is it too soon for that? Maybe I should just hug her, or maybe shake her hand,' Ryoga thought nervously, too afraid to do anything that might offend the youngest Tendo daughter.
"Well," Ryoga began, scratching his head nervously, "I should probably let you get inside before it gets any later..."
He trailed off, aware of how lame he sounded, wishing he was wittier, or at least more self-confident. More than anything Ryoga wished that he had more experience with women. Sure he had dated Akari for three years, but two of those were when he still had a bad sense of direction, and that third year had been when things had started to fall apart, when Ryoga realized that outside of pigs, they really didn't have much in common. He'd found it easier to make excuses not to see Akari after that, especially when a newly married Akane had agreed to provide intensive tutoring for him as he prepared for his high school equivalency exam.
Akane sighed, shaking her head in exasperation as she placed her hands on his shoulders. "Come on, Ryoga," she whispered, staring directly into his eyes. "Don't make me do all the work here...kiss me."
Her words stunned him. Before he knew it, Akane's arms were around his neck.. Her face came close. Her lips, all those years of throbbing anticipation, Ryoga went into a full body shiver. He almost couldn't stand it. Almost. 
Slowly, almost hesitantly, Ryoga pressed his lips to hers, afraid that at any moment she would push away, horrified at what she was doing. 
But Akane didn't push away, rather she leaned in, deepening the kiss as Ryoga finally relaxed and allowed himself to enjoy the moment. He slipped his hands around her waist, holding her close. 

Kissing Akane Tendo was nothing like kissing Akari. There was a heat and intensity with Akane that had been missing from his pig-obsessed former girlfriend. Ryoga found himself getting lost in the kiss, the world fading away as Ryoga focused on the sparks caused by Akane's lips.
Finally, regrettably, they parted. Ryoga slowly opened his eyes, fully expecting to see a furious Ranma standing behind them, or to see Soun standing there with a new fiancée he'd arranged for his daughter to marry. But thankfully, the only thing standing in front of him was the smiling visage of Akane Tendo.
She looked down, smiling sheepishly. "I've been debating whether or not to do that for a few weeks now, Ryoga," she admitted. 
"I've really appreciated everything you've done for me these last few month," she continued. 
"I was a mess after the divorce, but you stuck by me when it seemed no one else would. 
You've helped me get back on my feet."

Ryoga began stroking her cheek, any fear of rejection gone now. "You're my best friend, Akane, no matter what else. I'll never abandon you."

She nodded. "I know, and when I started to think about asking you out, I was afraid of how it would affect our friendship if things didn't work out."
He frowned. "And..."
Akane smiled, leaning in for another kiss. "So far, things are working out just fine."

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