[FFML] [fanfic][Sailormoon] Moonshadow, chapter 13 (first draft)

Aaron Nowack anowack at mimiru.net
Mon Dec 8 15:33:32 PST 2008

The Eternal Lost Lurker wrote:
>> I think I need a scorecard.
> That's about how *I* felt WRITING this. By the time this fight ends, there's 
> three Senshi, four panther youma, a High Lunar Mage, and a Shitennou 
> involved.

Heh.  That's part of why my old Sailor Moon fanfic never got finished.
Too many characters running around in the fight scenes, due to my
basically doubling the size of the cast.

>>> A blonde man in a grey uniform appeared behind the panthers. "Beruche,
>>> Karaberas, Petz...withdraw. This night shall not be ours."
>> First, it's "blond" (no e) when referring to guys, IIRC.
> I really do need to check that--I've been doing it the other way around, and 
> I *think* I'm right, but...I really do need to verify that.

My understanding is that "blond" is gender-neutral, but "blonde" is
technically only used when referring to women.  (Although, I think in
modern common usage both spellings are gender-neutral.)

	Aaron Nowack

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