[FFML] [fanfic][Sailormoon] Moonshadow, chapter 9 (first draft)

The Eternal Lost Lurker lurkerdrome at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 8 06:01:53 PST 2008

>>> Unless we're talkin' Fatal Fury, then my guess would be Haruka.
>> *rings a bell* We have a winner!
> <blank look>  okay, I give.  Whatever clues there were that King was
> Haruka got past me *completely.*

OK, let's see...from the top:

1. The physical description.
2. The name "King". It's wordplay, and could apply to either Jadeite or 
Haruka (Shitennou, Ten'ou).
3. King's presence at what is VERY obviously Mugen Gakuen.
4. The fact that at no point in the *narrative text* is a gender identifier 
EVER used for King. The characters refer to Haruka as "Mr. King", and the 
"Mr." appeared EXACTLY once in narrative during the introduction--from 
Mina's POV, which discredits it as narrative perspective. Everywhere else 
King has ever appeared, absolutely no gender-specific pronouns have been 
used. You don't go to that kind of trouble unless you're being sneaky, which 
is usually a dead giveaway.

The Eternal Lost Lurker

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