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> - Mina and Usagi, I don't know what to make of their relationship.  Either 
> they'll be the best of friends or *really* annoy the hell out of each 
> other.  I suspect the later.

Mina and Usagi get a little...*silly* when partnered up.

> - Jesus Christ!  Does Rei has one of the more awesome Senshi 
> transformations or what?  Valkyrie all the way.

Yeah, I had way too much fun with Rei. I've been looking forward to her 
intro as Mars forever (the whole black-winged angel thing has been down in 
my notes since about chapter 4)

> - The story behind the Oasis Lament.  Hmmmm, I suspect that you're 
> devianting from the typical Silver Millennium story of Endy and Serenity. 
> I have my suspicions but I'll air those out later.

Don't read too much into the legend of the Oasis Lament. It's completely 
irrelevant. The damn thing is going to show up all of one more time and then 
never be mentioned again. Its "legend" has absolutely no bearing on the 
story--I'm just subverting Chekhov's Gun.

> - Our Tuxedo Boy is just a mere human?  His powers are well hidden or...

Tuxedo Kamen, in his present form, has not awakened any unusual powers or 
abilities. At this point, he is simply an incredibly agile, well-equipped 
phantom thief.

This may, and likely WILL, change.

> - Again kinda lol at the King reference.  The first person that came to my 
> mind was Haruka.  So like will Michiru be Mai?  Will she be wearing Mai's 
> bouncy little ninja outfit?  The image of a very busty Neptune is 
> disturbing but at the same time kinda appealing.  Heh.  I need to get my 
> head checked.

Heh. Well, here's the explanation for the whole "King" thing:

Although on the FFML I have outright stated King is Haruka, to the average 
reader who isn't privy to all this by-play, King is intentionally ambiguous. 
By this point in the story, King could either be Jadeite or Uranus.

The reason for the name King is directly a result of this: "he" could either 
be one of the Shitennou (Four Heavenly Kings), or Ten'ou (King of Heaven) 

> - Artemis' alias.  Har har har.  He should of just named himself Buzz 
> Killington.

It was meant to inspire much groaning. :)

> - Geez, Luna gets her ass kicked.  Was she holding back?  If not, man 
> she's going to be pretty useless against the heavies when they come into 
> play.

Luna isn't meant to be a heavy-grade combatant. Just because she's 
considerably more useful in a fight than Canon!Luna...

> - So you're using the Nemesis sisters from SMR and Cooan is Luna. 
> Interesting.  Along with the appearance of Prof Tomoe and Haruka I have a 
> theory.

Theories will get you killed ;)

*snip theory that is COMPLETELY out of the firing range*

OK...I'll say this now to stem the tide of...whatever. Because I know if I 
don't say it, I'll never hear the end of these oddball theories about the 
Black Moon Family in Moonshadow.

Moonshadow is intended to cover ONLY the Dark Kingdom and Deathbusters arcs.

There will be no Crystal Tokyo, no Chibiusa, no Wiseman/Death Phantom. 
Everything from Sailormoon R is *GONE* from this story.

That's why the Shadowbrood are named for the Ayakashi Sisters. I needed 
names, I had available names by dint of not planning to use the actual 
Sisters. There's no deeper meaning to it than that. It's essentially an 
easter egg.

> Great stuff so far.

Thanks. ^_^

The Eternal Lost Lurker

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