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Okay, read through everything and here are some thoughts and blind guesses based on the last three chapters.

Oh yeah, spoilers ahoy for this story if you're into that sort of thing.

- Mina and Usagi, I don't know what to make of their relationship.  Either they'll be the best of friends or *really* annoy the hell out of each other.  I suspect the later.

- Jesus Christ!  Does Rei has one of the more awesome Senshi transformations or what?  Valkyrie all the way.

- The story behind the Oasis Lament.  Hmmmm, I suspect that you're devianting from the typical Silver Millennium story of Endy and Serenity.  I have my suspicions but I'll air those out later.

- Man I like Zio already.

- Our Tuxedo Boy is just a mere human?  His powers are well hidden or...

- Again kinda lol at the King reference.  The first person that came to my mind was Haruka.  So like will Michiru be Mai?  Will she be wearing Mai's bouncy little ninja outfit?  The image of a very busty Neptune is disturbing but at the same time kinda appealing.  Heh.  I need to get my head checked.

- Artemis' alias.  Har har har.  He should of just named himself Buzz Killington.

- Geez, Luna gets her ass kicked.  Was she holding back?  If not, man she's going to be pretty useless against the heavies when they come into play.

- So you're using the Nemesis sisters from SMR and Cooan is Luna.  Interesting.  Along with the appearance of Prof Tomoe and Haruka I have a theory.

- With the Nemesis sisters in the story, it means that Prince Diamond and Saphire aren't far behind.  My weird and wacky theory?  Serenity was betrothed to Diamond but instead falls in love with Endy or whatever Mamoru's previous incarnation was (if any) and thus the source for the Oasis Lament legend.  To complicate matters, the government has gotten involved and has enlisted the talents of the wonderful Tomoe to study a 'specimen' the government has found at the school.  Tomoe organizes a group together calling them the Death Busters (as an ode to the Ghost Busters) and throws their hat in the ring with their genetically modified youma to battle this new threat (Senshi or not).  I might be wrong but this story would reach new levels of awesome if you found a way to get Eudial involved.  Out of all the cannon fodder she was one of my favorites.

Okay so most of this is probably a reach but damn, you've already gotten more characters involved in this than I would have expected so I thought I'd go out on a limb.

Great stuff so far.


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