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human, and the Alterans were the first. They grew up here, and created the
Stargates, spreading across this vast galaxy, learning all that they could.
As their knowledge of the cosmos expanded, eventually, so too did their own
minds and bodies evolve into more and more advanced beings, eventually able
to control abilities much like Lieutenant Commander Rosenberg has been
reported to be capable of. Approximately ten million years ago, most of the
Alterans fled this galaxy as it was being consumed by a terrible plague. The
Alterans who remained behind wiped out all life in this galaxy to destroy
the plague, and then reseeded the galaxy with life, so that it could grow
and develop much as it had been doing all along, however, your planet was
already abandoned by them. Shortly there after, the Asgard discovered it
over run with vicious creatures, that while intelligent and powerful, had no
moral compass, no drive to better themselves, only the acquisition of power.
With no Alterans left in this galaxy, Terra was left to fend for herself.

"Ten thousand years ago, many of the Alterans returned to this galaxy, to
see what had transpired in their absence, and helped to free Terra from
those creatures. Unfortunately, this brought the attention of the Goa'uld to
the planet, and it wasn't until roughly three thousand years ago that your
people finally chased them off the planet. That essentially leads us to
current events, and gives some idea as to the legacy that the Alterans have
left in you."

Xander asked, "Thor, do you know of a race of beings called the 'Fwirthi?'"

Thor checked his link to his ship's database before responding, "It is not a
species that the Asgard has come into contact with. Why do you ask?"

Xander nodded before continuing, "They are the reason that Earth is
experiencing the rapid shifts in technology that we currently are. While
most of the populous is still rather ignorant of the universe at large, it
is apparent that The US Government is not, and many of the older nations are
aware of the demonic presence still infesting our planet." Xander thought
for a moment, "Let me try that explanation again.

"We do not know the Fwirthi, we only know of them because one of their
freighters lost a good portion of its cargo in our star system. It is this
cargo, which finally started making planetfall a little over a week ago,
which has allowed me to construct this vessel, the others in our fleet, and
the various space stations in this system. Originally, it was my intention
to ensure the survival of Humanity in the face of unknown aliens who might
not have our best interests at heart.

"Now that we know that there are hostile aliens out there, we are taking
further steps to protect ourselves.

"Now that we also know that there are friendly aliens out there, well, we
hope to make more friends than we do enemies."

With that, Xander and Thor exchanged communications protocols, as both had
learned a great deal that night, and needed time to absorb it all before
making changes to any plans they had.




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