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force you to adapt once you are converted, or you will become a public

In terms of the potential danger the society is forced to implement some
method of protecting itself from TRANSFORMED HUMANS who do not adequately
police themselves.  In the 'PGverse' the tamer method was adopted due to
circumstances pertaining in Sukebe's war (and because the original writer
was drawing inspiration from the inane 'Pokemon' series and was trying to
make up a background that had a veneer of plausibility for his story),
however this is no excuse for the reduction of pokegirls to the status of

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In short, your argument that the biological issues are nonexistant and that
as sentient beings pokegirls are entitled to the same rights as any human is
simplistic and misses a very big deal of the point. Yes, there are some
things which are terrible, but in the human-pokegirl interaction in
particular, not even rape is clearcut. There are situations in which forcing
a human or pokegirl to have sex even when they don't wish to becomes
necessary because pokegirls become attached to humans they sleep with and
become dangerous if they don't have sex.
The subject is a lot more convoluted, I just meant to bring up some of the
more glaring points. I'm certain quite a few fics can be done on just how
"pokegirl-human equality" could be constructed in the setting.
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