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Sat Aug 16 11:47:13 PDT 2008

"You still alive, honey?"

If his vocal cords hadn't been completely paralyzed at that moment, Ranma
would have groaned in pain. Airgun knockoffs or not, those oversized pistols 
that his mercenary wife carried packed a mean wallop.

And she'd used the curare tipped bullets again. He couldn't so much as blink 
an eyelash and the tip of his nose was already starting to itch. 


Oh shit, she was coming right towards him. Oh where were those violent fiancees when 
he really needed them to serve as a distraction? If only they-Aiyaaah!!


Ranma's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets as his embarrassingly rampant erection 
registered a sudden forceful pressure bearing down on it. It took him only a few seconds 
to identify the almost but not quite painful sensation as the toe of Mana's leather boot
pressing against his eagerly straining pole. Whether a subtle threat of punishment to come
or a silent promise of equally painful pleasure to follow, only one thing was clear.

He was now at her mercy. And last time he checked, she didn't have any.

His shallow breathing quickened as Mana deliberately circled his sensitive crotch 
with the tip of the light brown footwear. He knew that with only a few more pounds
of pressure she could splatter his testicles like a couple of raw eggs. Hell, he'd
*seen* her do that before to some unfortunate souls who no longer walked among the living. 
And the creepiest part about it was that her expression had never changed, the Soul of Ice
was lukewarm compared to the cool professionalism of the tanned mercenary on the job.

Tsuruko wouldn't do that to him because she didn't believe in punishing herself. 
But with Mana, he just couldn't tell. As far as he knew, she had no compelling reason
to *not* unman him in a horribly gruesome fashion considering the circumstances of
their seperation and the subsequent sequence of events that had eventually led to China,
then Jusenkyo and finally his self-imposed exile in Nerima.

'And where to do think you're going, Boy?'

'Back to China to find a cure for this curse!'

'Go right ahead....'

'You mean you're not going to stop me, Old Man?'

'...Of course that little child wife of yours will love to get 
her hands on you. She might even be merciful enough to kill you 
when she's finished.'


'Where are you going now?'

'Back to bed. We've got a long day of school tomorrow.'

'Smart boy.'

He still had the occasional nightmare of being swarmed by chibi longhaired lolis 
dressed up in slinky belly dancer outfits and wielding oversized hunting knives.

"Your attention is wandering, sweetheart."


Her toe forcefully nudged the cluster of nerves situated at the base of his organ, 
just above his tightening balls. Sweat beaded his brow as the young man fought to
prevent himself from suddenly creaming in his boxers. Where the hell had she
learned to do that?!

"That's better."

Her deceptively angelic face hovered on the edge of his blurring vision
as she deftly ground the flat of her heel down on his trapped member. 

Tears started to pool in the corners of his eyes as this exquisite torture
continued. Every time he found himself right on the edge she stopped him 
with a quick jab at his base that killed the urge but did nothing for the 
building frustration. He could feel his heart racing, it seemed that all
the blood was rushing out of his brain and descending into a bottomless
vortex of furious liquid heat.

The sound of a throat clearing finally broke through the haze of this 
unbelievably cruel torment.

"That should suffice. I believe that I can take things in hand from here."

Mana paused in mid-stroke before turning to give Tsuruko a decidedly chilly look.

"....Excuse me?"

Ranma whined in his throat like a little kicked puppy. This would not end well.

"There was an interesting theme for that love hotel not too far from here and 
I would rather like to explore that novelty with my husband," Tsuruko explained
as if she was talking to someone too slow to keep up with the flow of the conversation.

"He owes me a wedding night *and* a honeymoon. With *Penalties*," said Mana 
as she emphasized 'Penalties' with a solid grinding from her foot that 
threatened to leave Ranma's pants with a big sticky wet spot on the front.

"That is indeed unfortunate. However...."

The muted clink of a sword hilt being slightly pushed out from the sheath 
sounded like a gunshot in the sudden quiet stillness.

"...that is a matter to be settled between him and yourself *after* I have finished."

The metal click of two safeties being taken off made Ranma fervently wish that he was anywhere
else but here at Ground Zero.

"You can have him back *after* I've collected my due."

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