[FFML] [One-Shot][Starcraft Crossover] Fall of the Queen of Blades

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Bha Moon . . .

The Zerg were out there, somewhere.

Well, Kerrigan was, anyway. Jim Raynor could feel her. He was no  
telepath, but before the Zerg had . . . changed her, they'd had a  
good rapport and Kerrigan was, or had been, a telepath. God knew what  
she was now.

He shook his head in disgust and turned to look at the Dark Templar  
next to him. EIght feet tall, clothed in black, Zeratul was only half  
visible, fading in and out of view.

"You think these guys are on the level?"

"They believe what they say, at any rate," Zeratul replied. "And if  
they were Earth's protectors at one point, then this weapon of theirs  
must be indeed powerful."

Raynor let out a snort. Three months ago, they'd stumbled across a  
new race in their own utopia. There was no war, no hunger and they  
were friendly and eager to help.

Raynor and Zeratul had explained about the Dominion and the Zerg and  
while they refused to get involved with the politics, they'd  
practically fallen over each other to help Kerrigan and all the other  
creatures who'd been twisted by the Zerg.

The comlink crackled to life. "Hawk one to nest. Zerg are on the  
move, Kerrigan in lead. Looks like the whole damn brood, including  
her pet cerebrate. Aw shit, I've been--" the com hissed with static.

"Damn," Raynor swore and then keyed his own com. "Okay, boys and  
girls, take your positions. The dance is starting." He looked down at  
their new allies. "You little fellas ready?"

"Yeah, yeah, let's get this over with," one of them growled and  
received a slap on the head from one of his fellows. This wasn't  
anything new, he seemed to exist in a state of perpetual grumpiness.

"We are, Jim," the leader said and clapping his paws, instructed his  
group to line up right in front of the humans and Protoss. Behind  
them, marines and Dragoons readied their weapons, Archons grew bright  
and Templars lit their blades.

Raynor plugged in a clip and pulled on the primer. The capacitors  
whirred to life and the gun clicked as the spikes were loaded into  
the firing chambers. "This ends here, Sarah," he muttered to himself,  
resting the gun on the low wall, "one way or another, we finish this  
here and now."

Out on the plain, a cloud of dust began to form and Raynor peered  
through the sights. Kerrigan led her army, riding on some sort of  
floating platform Hydralisks surrounded her, prepared to meet any  

Any attack but this one, assuming it worked.

"Remember the plan, people," Raynor said into the radio. "We don't  
fire unless I give the word. Stay frosty."

"There really is no need, Jim," the little creature informed him. "I  
really wish you would put those awful things away."

"I'd like to oblige you, little fellow," Raynor said, "but we're  
soldiers. We see something comin, we get out our guns."

A disdainful sniff was his reply.

Out on the plain, the Zerg came to a halt and the com crackled to  
life. "Hello, Jim," Kerrigan said. "I see you have some new friends."

"We didn't come to talk, Sarah," Raynor replied, trying to sound  
aloof. "One way or another, this ends here."

"As you wish," Kerrigan replied, and the com clicked off. Had it been  
Raynor's imagination or had she sounded almost  . . . sad? He shook  
it off and nodded to what had become their last hope. "All you, Man."

"Ready?" The creature asked his fellows.

"Ready!" they answered.

Centuries ago, Earth had been the site of several battles between  
good and evil. Battles a tiny race of creatures had won with a weapon  
whose power was unequaled. Now, for the first time in nearly six  
hundred years, that weapon was fired once more as a chorus of voices  
shouted out three words. Three words evil had learned to fear once  
and would do so again.


So ended the reign of the Queen of Blades.

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