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Disclaimer : I do not own Card Captor Sakura. Or any other series appearing 
in here. I do own Neko Hibiki, do not use her without permission, hope you 
enjoy this. The being reborn scene was borrowed from 'Spirit Within 2' by 
the great author Carrotglace.

The New Sakura



Neko Hibiki

    Neko was raking leaves in the yard in the morning time.

    "Whew." said Neko. "This is hard work. At least it's morning and only in 
the high 70's, it's gonna be in the high 90's at noon."

    A few hours later, Neko was exhausted, but a storm front was rolling in. 
The sky got darker. The wind stirred, raindrops fell, and thunder rumbled 

    "Whew!" exclaimed Neko. "Yeah! Bring that cool rain down now baby!" 
shouted Neko as she peeled off her tanktop, shorts, panties, shoes and 
socks. She wasn't wearing a bra. She joyously danced naked in the rain.

    Suddenly there was a bright flash of light, the sound of thunder, and 
Neko yelled in pain as a lightning bolt hit her. Many volts were pumped 
through her. And then her dead body fell to the ground. She would be found 
later when the storm was over and buried at her plot. Right before she died 
her last thought was 'Now I won't get to finish reading the Wheel of Time 
series, pity, good series.'


Universe C

    Darkness was all Neko could see. She could not move and it had been so 
for a long time. She occupied her time by playing back the many memories of 
her past life.

    "Perhaps this is what heaven is," she thought. She felt very warm and 
secure. Then everything changed; behind her she felt something give.

    She felt something push her forward and crush her. She tried to breathe 
but no air could be found, she writhed as she felt the world shift forward, 
in a panic she began to struggle.

    The wall around her began to close together. "Oh god! I've gone to 
hell!" she thought desperately. She felt something grip her head hard and 

    Neko felt cool air on the top of her head and tried to open her eyes, 
but they seemed sealed shut.

    She felt herself being lifted into the air by her feet and bright lights 
surrounded her. A sudden pain came across her back and she saw a large 
colorful blur move towards her. She registered speech in the air and she 
realized what had happened.

    She had just been born. She began to scream. The only sound she could 


A Few Months Later

    As she lay in her crib Neko was thinking about what had happened. She 
had finally learned the blasted language they used around here. It had taken 
months, but now she could understand it when spoken.

    Now she knew the name that she had been given in this life. And that had 
shocked her to the core. Currently she was now called, Sakura Kinomoto.

    'How the heck did I get reincarnated into an anime character?' she 
thought. 'At least I have memories of how some of the series goes. But, what 
am I going to do now hmmm?'

    Neko... er... Sakura... pondered on her new existence. She also wondered 
what to call herself. 'I guess I better start thinking of myself as Sakura 
from now on. Unless I decide to change my name to Neko. Or use Neko as a 
nickname instead. Now as what to do... I wonder if there's some way I can 
prevent the cards from being released?'

    Neko pondered on that. She knew that she could stop the cards from being 
released, but did she want? She could have all that power too. And the cards 
had never killed anyone in the series to her understanding now. Would she or 
would she not, hmmm?


3 Years Later

 Neko was bored. Very bored. Very, very bored.

 'Man,' she thought. 'There's not much to do when you're just three years 
and a few months old. They haven't even invented the Playstation yet! Let 
alone the PS2 or the GBA. Man this sucks. Of course since I can't read 
Japanese it wouldn't matter if they had either.'

 Neko spent the rest of the day bored, seething, and really pissed off at 

 She kicked one of the table legs in frustration. Then experienced a great 
deal of pain.

 "S***!" she yelled. "F*** that f***ing hurts! F***ing, d***, h*** table 
leg! F***ing, lousy, stupid furniture! Owwwww!"

 Neko heard a gasp, and looked behind her. There stood her mother. Her 
mother with a shocked, amazed, and upset expression on her face.


 Neko's eyes widened. 'She wouldn't!' thought Neko. 'Oh yes she would too. 
D*** it all to f***ing, d*** h***! D***, f***ing childish emotions! F*** 

 Neko tried to take a step away, but then cried out pain.

 Instantly her mother lost her angry expression and rushed to her side.

 She examined Neko's foot and then said "I'm going to have to take you to 
the doctor."

 "Crap!" swore Neko.

 Her mother looked at Neko and said "Then I am going to do something about 
that language of yours, you should not curse."


Hours Later At The Hospital

 Neko sat waiting for news on her mother.

 Her mother had taken her here, and after an x-ray it was revealed Neko's 
foot was broken. She had to get a cast. And it would take time to heal.

 But the worst part was that after Neko's treatment was over, Neko's mother 
had collapsed for some unknown reasons.

 The doctors had taken her away for some... whatever.

 They had seemed worried about something now.

 Neko was worried. She knew that in the series Sakura's mother had died when 
Sakura was young. She didn't want her mother to die, she liked the woman, 
and wanted her well.


One Month Later

 Neko, her father, her brother and her mother were heading back from the 
hospital. The hospital had kept her mother there for a while. It had been 

 Another few days and the virus would have damaged her mother's body beyond 
repair. Fortunately they had caught it in time, and after massive quantities 
of medicines had been pumped into her, Neko's mother had made a recovery.

 Not a full recovery. Her body had been damaged very badly and would never 
get back to full strength. But at least she was not dead. Which she would 
have been without treatment. Left untreated she would be dead now.

 Neko was very glad her mother would live. There would be no more 
disintegrating of nerves. Her mother would live on quite peacefully.

 She fell asleep on the way back.


The Next Day

 Neko tripped over the rug.

 Neko cursed like a sailor, and then turned around upon hearing a gasp.

 "I suppose we must do something about your language you're speaking, right 
now young lady!" forcefully said her mother


One Hour Later

 Neko was rinsing her mouth out.

 'Man,' thought Neko. 'That soap sure tastes horrible. Well, I learned my 
lesson. From now I will make sure to curse where mom -can't- here it. Yep.'

 Neko leaned over the sink.

 Neko threw up right then.


Close To 4 Years Later

 Neko was at the playground with her mother. She was celebrating her seventh 
birthday. While she was at the sandbox, she looked up and saw a girl at the 

 Feeling drawn to the girl, she got up and walked over to her.

 "Hi!" she said in a cheerful way while smiling. "My name is Sakura 
Kinomoto. Who are you?"

 The girl looked up at her and said "Hello! My name is Tomoyo Daidoji. It's 
nice to meet you!" she said cheerfully while smiling.

 'It's her!' Neko thought. 'If I play my cards right, I might be able to get 
a cute, rich, and loyal girlfriend. Of course we're a little young right 
now, but during our teens I could have her eating out of the palm of my 
hand. Then I can use her resources for my own plans. And I can use her 
loyalty to me to get many things.'

 "You're cute." Neko blurted out, causing the other girl to blush.

 Neko then smiled winningly at her and giggled, then said "Would you like to 
be friends?"

To Be Continued In Chapter One Later

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