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Aaron Nowack anowack at mimiru.net
Tue Aug 5 20:01:29 PDT 2008

Hitting a few different comments in one... compared to the usual number
of replies I see this one's a smashing success, so I'll have to try and
herd my muses in the direction of expanding it some...

Angus MacSpon wrote:
> On 5/08/2008, at 02:50, Aaron Nowack wrote:
>> Should I continue this story, I plan to focus less on the
>> "Earth-Bound angel" stuff (which I might excise entirely with the
>> continuity handwave of Barbara not meeting the "qualifications" for
>> the creation of one like Linda Danvers did) and a bit more on the
>> identity crisis between Matrix and Barbara.
> Yeah, I never did buy the "angel" part.  It just ... *so* didn't fit.

It was interesting, and unique, but it did feel a bit awkward in the DCU.

skychan wrote:
> I really like this mixing. It is as was said enough on its own to
> make a good little fic, but the springboard potential is rather
> enourmus.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for commenting!

Tom Mathews wrote:
> I like that as well.  I've seen a couple of stories of Bruce Wayne being 
> Superman, but not Barbra Gordon as Supergirl.

I'm pretty sure _DC_ has done more than one story about Bruce Wayne
being Superman.  :)

> I have not read too much of the current Supergirl, only the Superman/Batman 
> title and the first story arc.  She looked like she was a horror  show 
> reject in those.

The original Superman/Batman story arc is one of the... poorer stories
I've had the 'pleasure' of reading.

Sadly enough, it was also one of the first DC comics I ever read.

>> I do foresee a role for Linda Danvers in the story, though.  Which
>> reminds me that I need to go re-read the No Man's Land issues of Azrael
>> that were doing that bizarre mind-controlling Satanist rock star 
>> subplot...
> Human sacrifice and Barbra stops it?

Mmm... plans are still (very) vague, but not that.

> Barbra Gordon is one of the few in the Bat family that is not tied 
> completely to Gotham.  She was a senator or representaive and operated in 
> Washington DC for a couple years.

It's not really clear whether her time in Congress is in continuity
anymore.  It hasn't been mentioned in a long time (I want to say since
the original Crisis.)  I certainly don't plan on addressing it directly
in this story.

> I can see Barbra moving out of Gotham and going somewhere that is more like 
> both sides of her personality and maybe tied back to the original 
> Supergirl-Midvale, Leesburg, New Athens(Florida), Chicago

Not at least for a while, as my (still vague) plans have her sticking
around in Gotham for No Man's Land.

           Aaron Nowack
"Never let reality get in the way of a good hypothesis."

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