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Mon Aug 4 18:04:07 PDT 2008

Apparently, when i say, 'i'll have a new chapter finished soon,' what
i actually _mean_ is, 'i'll have a new chapter finished within 1~2
years.' I blame Hinata...

No, really- i do. But that's all i'm going to say about it here; if
you want to know _why_ i blame Hinata, you can look at my blog,
eimii.wordpress.com. This entire chapter was posted there, scene by
scene, as it was being written. I intend to do the same for the next
chapter as well. It's very motivating, in a terrifying, public
exposure sort of way...

Also, since it _has_ been almost a year since i posted 'Blood,' i
should probably point out that the most recent revisions all
preceeding chapters can also be found at my blog under:

At any rate... oh yeah, disclaimers!

Disclaimer: Naruto is the property of Kishimoto Masashi and Shueisha.
My name is neither Kishimoto Masashi or Shueisha... though it actually
might be kinda cool to be named Shueisha; it has a certain ring to

Non-Yaoi Warning: Y'know, it's been so long that i've actually
forgotten why i even have this disclaimer. Scary O_o;...

Naughty Kunoichi Warning: Not as naughty as the last chapter, but that
scene is gonna to be kind of hard to beat without this story becoming
a lemon, so nyah! Don't wory, though; i'll think of something...

Thirteen Is The New Fifteen Warning: No, this isn't a reference to the
fact that the previous two warnings shouldn't even apply to most
Naruto fics, lest we get into some rather squicky territory. Yes, i
re-numbered the chapters _again_ when i posted them to my blog, so
despite the fact that 'Blood' was chapter fourteen when it was posted
here, this is chapter thirteen, not chapter fifteen; the world is a
strange and frightening place...

First Draft Warning: I didn't have a prereader at all for this
chapter, so aside from a few comments and suggestions i got on my
blog, i was flying completely blind for this one, and i'm not entirely
satisfied with it yet. This also marks my first attempt at writing
from Hinata's point of view, and i'm still not confident that i got
her right, so this might really, really suck...

Waaaay Too Much _Emphasis Text_ Warning: I must have used an entire
year's worth of underscores for this chapter. It works way better when
i can convert them to italics -_-;...

And that's enough of that. As always, C&C is greatly appreciated.
Sorry this took so long; i really didn't expect it to be ten months
before i got a new chapter done- but if you want me to write the next
chapter faster, now you know where to find me... <shudders>. Anyway,
on with the show! ^_^;...


Looking up from her mostly empty notepad, Hachimaki Kaede lifted the
right earcup of her headphones and turned to peer over her shoulder. A
moment later the door behind her swung open, revealing a tall, slender
brunette in a cross-striped green kimono.

Hachimaki Momiji offered a silent smile, shutting the door and holding
up a tray laden with crackers and tea. Relaxing, Kaede let her
attention return to conversation going on in her other ear, while out
of the corner of her eye she saw her twin set down the tray and begin

When Momiji was finished, the other girl pulled out a chair at the end
of the security console and sat down, putting her feet up. In a nod to
modesty, she'd let her hair down so that her dark locks fell over the
front of her mesh undershirt, but she hadn't donned the rest of her
armor, leaving her in her underwear.

Kaede breathed a tiny sigh, but didn't comment. Instead, she gave her
sister a probing look. "So?" she demanded expectantly.

A childish grin split Momiji's face. "She looks well. She's cut her
hair short again; it's cute!" Beaming in anticipation, Momiji crossed
her arms over her chest and cast a bemused glance at the ceiling. "The
Hyuuga girl is cute too; not at all what I was expecting."

Kaede nodded. She was also having a hard time reconciling the cold,
merciless 'Hyuuga Clan' of her grandmother's stories with the timid,
earnest-sounding girl that their Sakura-chan so obviously adored- and
on the topic of mind-bending revelations: "If you think _that's_
wrong, you should've been here a second ago; Sakura-chan's got a mouth
on her like you wouldn't believe!"

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