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Angus MacSpon macspon at ihug.co.nz
Sun Aug 3 23:52:16 PDT 2008

On 4/08/2008, at 17:51, Aaron Nowack wrote:

>         So, yeah, I recently read the Peter David Supergirl stuff.   
> And
> all through it, I kept on pondering other characters that Matrix could
> have merged with besides Linda Danvers.  Because I'm a fanfic writer,
> and that's the kind of thing we do.
>         Despite not working out at all timeline-wise, this idea  
> stuck in
> my head.  Because the only thing better than Supergirl or Batgirl is
> Super-Batgirl, right?  (I did ponder using the _other_ Batgirl, but  
> this
> idea came together more interestingly.)
>         I actually see a fair bit of potential for future stories  
> taking
> off from this concept, through No Man's Land and beyond.  Whether  
> any of
> those stories will get written is, as always, dependent on free  
> time and
> cooperative muses.

It's an interesting idea, certainly.  This story is pretty much  
complete in itself, of course, but it could easily be a springboard  
to plenty more.

(Have to admit to being glad that you picked the David Supergirl.  I  
rather liked her; not so keen on today's incumbent.  Even so, the  
character of Matrix herself was kind of wasted; the series  
concentrated on Linda far more, which I thought was a pity.  The  
stranger-in-a-strange-land aspects of Matrix were far more  
intriguing, to my mind.)

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