[FFML] [Naruto] Memories Lie chapters 3-4

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On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 4:06 PM, Juho Saarikko <juhos at mbnet.fi> wrote:
> So, what is Sasuke going to do once he realizes that Sakura has robbed
>  him of his vengeance? I mean, it's pretty obvious that Lamarr was
>  actually Itachi using the transformation jutsu, the way he kept
>  tormenting Sasuke ;).
>  But seriously, if Naruto can transform into a female, and this
>  transformation is apparently physical - as opposed to a mere illusion -
>  why didn't he simply transform into a hawk and fly after the pigeon? Is
>  there limitations - must stay in humanoid form, must conserve mass, etc.
>  - or is he simply not smart enough to think of it?

$Naruto may or may not have thought of it.  It's hard to say, the boy
plays his thoughts pretty close to the chest, the way I write him.
But if he was smart enough to think of it, he'd probably pretty
quickly hit on the problem with doing such a thing.  As a hawk, he'd
be limited to a hawk's weapons.  Beak and claws, basically, which
would require him to close with the bird and grapple with it.  That
pigeon was so skilled at flying that it could dodge, apparently nearly
effortlessly, the shuriken, senbon, and kunai thrown by not just one,
but THREE ninja, genin though they were, two of which had bloodlines
that gave them an advantage to hitting moving objects with sharp
pointy things.

If the pigeon could outfly skillfully thrown projectiles, what hope in
HELL would a novice flier have of catching him?  I started to bring up
the bit in the story about one of the pigeons using wind chakra to cut
a hawk in half, but remembered it was the old guy telling Sakura, and
she never told Naruto or any of the others.

Naruto's primarly skill with henge and, for the purposes of this
story, the upgraded henge known as hensou, is that he's a good actor.
Once a basic skill level is reached, looking like something or someone
is easy.  Acting like that person well enough to fool a skilled
opponent is the trick.  Thus far, Naruto has mainly been taking
Hinata's place and vice versa, except for a flashback to the Clients
Lie mission where he posed as a temple acolyte.

Oh, and as far as Sasuke's vengeance, Lamarr never hit Itachi levels
of hatred for him.  Plus, he's realizing that vengeance is just as
effective if someone else makes the kill, as long as it's FOR you.

Sakura, on the other hand, has learned something new.  If you kill for
someone, they like you more.


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